November 04 2015

Look Who’s Here! Introducing Several New Teammates

This secret-recipe gumbo we’ve created with our spicy mix of personalities and expertise has become a little heartier in recent months. Here’s who’s stirring the pot around here.

Amy Enright, Executive Assistant

Amy is a New York girl who oversees the daily activity in the office and keeps most of us in line. She left the city after several years of working with Howard Stern at Sirius Radio and a NYC-based talent/commercial agency. When the weather is nice, she returns to Long Island to surf or golf, a hobby she’s taken up recently with her boyfriend. Amy also loves to bake, read and travel to random places. Family includes, but is not limited to, three sisters, a shih tzu and a poodle.

Daniel Keener, Client Care Web Developer

Dan is a developer who helps manage clients’ daily requests and website issues through Client Care. He’s part of the team that serves as clients’ first point of contact for fixes and updates after a site launches. Dan has put his computer science degree to good use with 14 years of various web development experience.

Dan is also CEO of Friendly Fire Games in Storrs, CT, a LAN and hobby center he started seven years ago. FFG sells board games, cards and collectibles, and Dan manages finances and organizes events and promotions.

You’ll also find him bowling, hiking and chopping wood in his spare time, but never simultaneously.

Dawn Melesko, Strategic Account Manager

Dawn is a passionate and experienced social media marketer who thrives on creativity and collaboration to help clients achieve their business goals. She’s been recognized as a top social media influencer in the banking industry by the Independent Community Bankers of America (IBCA) and mOSa Marketing, and her content marketing strategies have been featured as case studies during various conferences.

In April 2016, Dawn will be speaking at #BankSocial, the inaugural social media conference for financial institutions.

Dawn has launched and managed several brands’ social media presences in various industries, including finance, sports, education and restaurants. 

After hours, she becomes DJ Breakadawn, a self-taught DJ who has grown a large following throughout New England while also playing shows in New York City, Florida and Detroit.

Christopher Powers, Client Engagement Web Developer

Chris is an integral part of our Client Care team that helps clients with issues and updates, a position for which his 15 years of web design and development experience serves him well.

He lives in a renovated barn in Connecticut after growing up on a lake in Massachusetts. Over the years, he has developed a love for the outdoors, cars (especially Pontiac Fieros), sailing and craft beer. He collects speeding tickets and recently retired as a suspended-license specialist, all of which is more interesting considering he’s nearly blind in one eye.

Tyler Smith, Software Engineer

Ty has software engineering in his blood. He has written code for many years, and he has survived to tell his story. Sometimes he dissects poorly written third-party code at great cost to his mortal soul. Before joining us, he worked as a consultant and wrote a lot of code that other people took credit for. In short, he writes code and breaks only to enjoy some favorite beverages outside of work.

Patrick Trayes, Digital Strategist

Patrick assists our marketing team by focusing on conversions and quality site traffic in Google Analytics while using that tool to identify growth opportunities. He’s an integral part of our clients’ Facebook campaigns, Google AdWords efforts and website strategies. He spent nearly 10 years in online marketing for various media outlets before joining us.

A married father of two, Patrick enjoys running, mixing and drinking creative cocktails and overanalyzing minor plot points in movies. He also runs an online cross-stitching business called Thread and Bourbon, stitching vulgarities and pop culture references for adoring fans.

Vicky Valery, Project Manager

Vicky brings more than 12 years of project management experience to us with expertise across various industries, including real estate, IT, insurance and web development. She serves as a client’s main point of contact, responsible for developing project plans while managing timelines, budget and resources.

Prior to joining us, she served as the Global Digital Marketing Project Manager for Cigna.

When Vicky isn’t managing projects, she’s studying to become a holistic health coach and leading an active lifestyle of working out, running and hiking. She also loves to read and volunteer at an animal shelter on the weekends.

Emanuel Vargas, Senior Designer

Manny has always been involved in creative pursuits, and he’s now part of our talented design team. An experienced designer, Manny also has owned his own photography business since 2000, and his work has been featured in international competitions.

On the weekends, Manny enjoys salsa dancing and designing/making his own bow ties. He loves photographing food and always looks for local chili and BBQ fests to attend. 

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