November 04 2011

KeyPoint CU: A Microsite for Major Change

Tomorrow is Bank Transfer Day, the official date when people disgruntled with their banks have vowed to open accounts with credit unions. Many CUs throughout the country have launched marketing campaigns to attract new members, including KeyPoint Credit Union of Santa Clara, Calif.

They were using an “unbank” campaign that we enhanced by designing and developing a microsite that moves their campaign online to encourage more interaction and convince more people that they deserve better customer service.

The anchor of their campaign is a banner that reads, “My bank sees me as a _____.” We turned that into an interactive element through which people can fill in the blank and share their sentiments with others.

Easy Access To More Information

We also designed a microsite layout that features easily accessible information about KeyPoint and the benefits of doing business with the credit union. Using bullet-point lists and quick blurbs that our copywriting team crafted, visitors immediately can access information about what separates KeyPoint’s services from other institutions.

We tied the microsite to KeyPoint’s main website so that visitors can click through to read additional information about products, services or offers. There’s also a link to a new membership application to make the process as quick and seamless as possible. And the microsite also includes buttons to link visitors to KeyPoint’s social media pages.

Overall, the microsite encourages visitors to learn more about KeyPoint through informational blurbs and makes it easy for people to voice their frustration with banks, both of which are valuable marketing tools targeting people seeking alternatives.

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