November 09 2011

Adobe Pulls the Plug on Flash for Mobile Devices

Big shake-up in the development world today. reported this morning that Adobe is abandoning its Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers, based on a company email.

The move is seen as a significant change in thinking for Adobe, which long supported the Flash platform even after its dominance on desktop PCs didn’t translate to mobile devices.

“Many in the greater computing industry, including, famously, Apple Computer, have denounced the platform as fundamentally unstable on mobile browsers, and an intense battery drain,” wrote today. “In effect, Flash’s drawbacks outweigh the benefits on mobile devices.”

One software developer blogged today that Adobe has a diminished reputation within the development community and the company needs to be bought out “by someone else that can bring some stability and eventually some credibility back to the Flash Platform.”

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Douglas Malan
Douglas Malan
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