November 10 2011

A Baseball Gift Idea from ZAG

The last couple of months of the baseball season were historic and wildly exciting. And this year, thousands of youngsters were exposed for the first time to the beauty and drama of baseball. Some of them formed the first ties in what will become a lifetime devotion to a team and the game.

What does that have to do with ZAG Interactive? Well, our copywriter, Doug Malan, just published a children’s book that touches on those emotional connections to a favorite team that often begin in childhood.

“Let’s Go to the Ballpark” is filled with color illustrations by San Francisco-based artist Kevin Coffey and tells the story of a young boy learning about the sights, sounds and action of a professional baseball game.

“All of the baseball books for children that I’ve read sort of skim over the gameday experience, if they address it at all,” said Doug, a father of two young boys. “I wanted to create a book that tells a story and also gives kids a feel for everyone and everything involved in a baseball game.”

The book will build anticipation for that first trip to a ballpark and will allow parents and children to relive those experiences, Doug said.

If you’re looking for a $15 gift for the holidays, a baby shower or anytime, this book is an entertaining option. Contact our office at 860-633-4818 or email Doug at [email protected]. He’d be happy to personalize a copy for you.

Or you can order it from the publisher, Mascot Books; and soon it will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and other national retailers.

Let's Go to the Ballpark Doug Malan

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