May 18 2021

Kentico Xperience Changing to Subscription Licensing Model

kentico xperience license changesLike many other content management systems, Kentico Xperience will be moving to a subscription-based licensing model. Its current perpetual licensing model was based on a one-time purchase fee and an annual renewal fee in order to be able to have the site supported. This license change impacts all current Kentico license holders as well as new license holders, so let’s dig in and explain what you can expect. Note that this information may evolve over time and we will update this blog post accordingly if so.

What does Subscription Licensing mean?

The new Kentico Xperience Subscription model will continue to provide an option for either Business or Enterprise level licenses. All license levels require an annual fee to keep the site active and provide access to updates, and the new subscription model offers customers the following benefits:

  • For existing customers looking to upgrade their license level, the upfront cost is lower as compared to upgrading to a similar Perpetual licensing level effective July 1, 2021. In most cases the ongoing costs are also decreased in comparison to the renewal pricing with the perpetual license model past July 1, 2021, since Kentico will be increasing the renewal pricing on all perpetual licenses on July 1, 2021,

  • The license can auto-scale for unlimited servers, which is helpful for clients who have a load balanced hosting environment.

  • The domain can be changed up to once a year if needed, which is helpful should your brand name change. Previously a new license had to be purchased if the domain name changed.

  • You will have access to new Kentico Xperience offerings associated with your license level (reference Kentico roadmap) as well as continued product support.

What do you need to do…and when?

ZAG will be working with each of our existing clients to transition you from the perpetual to the subscription model, ideally before July 1, 2021.

  • By June 30, 2021: We have worked closely with Kentico to offer special pricing for our clients, and clients can reach out to their ZAG Account Manager to request a client-specific license pricing exhibit. While a client can continue with the perpetual licensing model for existing licenses, this is much more costly than transitioning to the subscription-based licensing model, and Kentico plans to phase out perpetual licensing soon regardless.

  • Starting July 1, 2021: No discounted pricing will be available for existing ZAG clients, and the subscription license will be the only license model for Kentico Xperience.

  • June 2024: Any client that has not moved from the perpetual to the subscription pricing model will be forced to do so by this date in order for your website to continue to have access to Kentico support, including product development, security fixes, etc.

Upgrading license levels

The Kentico Xperience licensing model change outlined here is separate from the decision to upgrade to a different license level. If your company or institution wishes to also explore upgrading from once license level to another license level (i.e., Business to Enterprise), we are happy to have that discussion with you and provide benefit and pricing information as well. Please note that Kentico’s Base license level stopped being available for purchase in 2019 and any clients still on that license level will need to upgrade to the Business or Enterprise license level before December 31, 2022.

As always, your ZAG team is here to help you navigate these license model changes, so please reach out to us if you have any questions. We will also be proactively reaching out to each client to determine what the best course of action will be for your business, institution or organization.

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