May 29 2014

ZAG Interactive and Andera present "Seven Deadly Sins You Commit Online — But Would Not in the Branch"

Today, financial consumers are accustomed to a certain level of customer experience when visiting the brick-and-mortar branch and the same high standard holds true for the online "virtual branch." So, why do banks and credit unions struggle to deliver user-friendly sites to their members and customers?

To help financial marketers find answers, ZAG Interactive and Andera are teaming up to co-host the "Seven Deadly Sins You Commit Online  —  But Would Not in the Branch" webinar to take place on Wednesday, June 4 at 1PM EST.  The webinar promises to be educational and entertaining for financial marketers striving to make institutions' digital banking experience match the high standard set by the in-branch visit.

"ZAG and Andera realized how many institutions are just 'going through the motions' with their sites. Our hope is that we can help them identify and correct some common mistakes so their digital presence is something they are qualitatively and quantitatively proud of,” commented Michelle Brown, Director of Marketing for ZAG Interactive.

ZAG and Andera will cover the deadly sins that banks and credit unions often commit online, while also offering the guiding principles to correct these avoidable mistakes. As a complement to the presentation, a whitepaper will be made available after the webinar for those looking for further reading or for those who missed the live event on Wednesday June 4 at 1PM.

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Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown
VP of Sales & Marketing

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