March 31 2015

Discover What's New in Kentico 8.2

Kentico 8.2 was released in January 2015, offering a suite of new features to improveKentico this popular content and customer experience management system. This enhanced version includes several new collaborations and e-commerce enhancements that make developing and managing digital campaigns easier and quicker.

Kentico 8.2 provides users with the ability to quickly deliver their marketing message on multiple digital channels. Through sophisticated personalization, segmentation and other capabilities, users can manage all of their digital marketing efforts in a unified way, leveraging their marketing tools from a single environment that in real-time integrates Kentico data with external systems, such as your CRM and ERP data.

The three latest significant product enhancements include:

Bi-Directional SharePoint Synchronization

The new bi-directional SharePoint synchronization feature coordinates all changes made in Kentico to automatically be updated on the SharePoint server, and seamlessly from SharePoint to your Kentico website. You will always have up-to-date files, and everyone on your team will have access to the latest versions. Through the connector, you will be able to create multiple SharePoint connections for each site you have on SharePoint that populates data in Kentico. For each connection you can use different credentials, therefore having multiple levels of security.

Easy Shipping Calculations for E-Commerce Sites

One-size fits all does not apply when it comes to shipping for e-commerce sites. Many factors impact your shipping costs, such as: order value, size, weight, location, shipping provider, and customer loyalty programs. It’s important for your business to be able to provide shipping discounts and free delivery to certain customers because those offerings stimulate conversion, but these promotions are often difficult to calculate. The e-commerce solution offered by Kentico provides the tools you need to calculate shipping costs in your own custom user interface.

A tailor-made shipping module can now be created, presenting you the precise tool you need to calculate shipping costs in your own user interface. You will be able to calculate charges for various product weights as well as for delivery to particular countries. Stay connected and up-to-date with popular shipping providers like UPS or FedEx, and calculate their shipping charges all within Kentico.


Enhanced Contact Management


The Contact Management module in Kentico provides a 360-degree view of all your sites visitors and customers as well as their behavior across channels and devices. Kentico 8.2 eliminates the headache of having to use multiple tools to manage leads, contacts and recipients. You can now easily import your contacts from a CSV file, segment them, and leverage them in the system.

"With the new features contained in Kentico 8.2, we continue to show we not only listen to our customers, we respond to their needs," said Kentico CEO and Founder Petr Palas. "We are constantly working to enhance our product to bring our customers the easy-to-use and affordable set of tools they need to launch and manage integrated digital marketing activities that are highly personalized, dynamic, and effective." Kentico 8.2 allows any user to quickly deliver the right marketing message at the right time on any digital channel.

ZAG Interactive is a Kentico Gold Partner

Given the number of options on the market today, ZAG Interactive engages in a CMS selection process when working with our clients. ZAG Interactive is proud to be a Kentico CMS Certified Gold Partner. Get started today to learn more about how you can leverage Kentico’s capabilities for your organization. 

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