March 15 2011

The Writing’s On The Wall

Every week serves as a reminder of the large volume of people counting on us to deliver our best work. Mondays start with an in-house project update to get a sense of where things stand and where they’re headed. And there’s the constant reminder from a project board that is entirely filled with ongoing and soon-to-start initiatives.

It’s easy to get caught up in your own stuff, which is why the project board is a motivator for me. I may be intensely focused on one particular writing project, but all it takes is a quick walk to the water cooler to see that the assignment filling my entire week is but a small component of what we’re doing for clients.

Fine Details, Big Picture

That’s not to say my assignment is unimportant or diminished by any means. Any output under the ZAG Interactive brand receives all-out effort every time. But it’s exciting to know that what consumes me may be an afterthought to co-workers equally engrossed in their own projects, and vice versa.

The only way that system can work is to have a team of professionals who can be trusted to push their limits in delivering the finest solutions and outcomes. And, of course, we have leaders ensuring that everything stays on track.

For me, maybe it’s a different way to spin a sentence, or writing a description from a more engaging point of view. The same process plays out among our developers and designers, just with different variables.

The energy at ZAG Interactive is impressive, an ever-changing kinetic environment.

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Douglas Malan
Douglas Malan
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