March 08 2011

8 Simple Reasons…To Have a Customized Facebook Landing Page

The online environment is ever-changing and, of course, that includes Facebook.

The days of sending your fans to your info page or wall are over. Having a customized Facebook landing page is easy and can add more than you think to your social media marketing efforts. We’ve designed them recently for several of our clients.

  1. Central location. A custom page provides a centralized location that any user can be directed to. Since consumers will be coming in from different places, a custom landing page can provide an annex to help direct any type of consumer.
  2. You create the flow. Sending consumers to one centralized location allows you to create the flow of the Facebook page and have more control over the user experience.
  3. Branding. Your logo, wall and info page can only provide basic branding. Custom landing pages offer more opportunity to increase brand awareness.
  4. Extra engagement. The wall isn’t the only way that your fans will be able to engage with your brand. A custom landing page offers more opportunity to watch, listen and interact.
  5. Lead generation. A custom landing page provides more space to push your call to action and increases a chance for a conversion or a lead.
  6. Dynamic content. Although Facebook content can change at any time, the custom landing page allows you to determine what is highlighted at what time. Maybe you want to push a big event coming up and a special promotion. The custom landing page allows you to do that all in one place.
  7. Space. It’s like moving from a 1-bedroom apartment to a big country house. Your designers will love the new real estate!
  8. Personality. More chances for your company to show its personality!

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Douglas Malan
Douglas Malan
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