June 13 2024

Introducing XbyK – Kentico’s newest CMS

XbyK xperience by kenticoKentico’s developers have been hard at work creating a next generation content management system (CMS). This hybrid headless digital experience platform was created to be powerful, lightweight, flexible and easy to use. And now, ZAG will be beginning to build all of our Kentico sites in this latest Kentico version – Xperience by Kentico (XbyK).

As a Kentico Gold Partner, with experience developing over 130 websites and counting, ZAG has a shelf of awards including 39 Kentico sites of the month, and 4 Kentico sites of the year. While the product was still in development and evolving, we chose to wait to build sites in Xperience by Kentico. Because we support hundreds of financial services clients, we wanted to ensure it would meet some of vital requirements that our clients expect. We are now excited to introduce you to XbyK, and why we’re so excited.

Why was the Kentico platform overhauled?

The previous version of Kentico – Kentico 13 – has been a great CMS for many years, but will only be supported by Kentico through the end of 2026. In addition, Kentico wanted to offer a true Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for its users – providing far more functionality in a single platform. Of course this composable system will also be able to seamlessly integrate with other business applications and systems.

Powerful content management

XbyK allows administrators to easily create and manage content, including:

  • content modeling capabilities

  • reusable content

  • personalized content capabilities (with Advanced license).

In addition, the CMS continues to be very easy to use for non-technical users, which means less dependency on developers.

No more version upgrades

Unlike previous versions, once a site is built in XbyK, your agency or development team will be able to keep the site up-to-date with hotfixes, patches and new features by applying updates monthly or quarterly. This means that you don’t have to budget for a large, expensive rebuild project in another few years just because technology is changing.

Some of the many XbyK features

Xperience by Kentico offers countless features that marketers and developers demand. Some of the most popular include:

  • Multichannel management

  • Page builder

  • Page preview

  • Form builder

  • Content types

  • Content hub

  • Scheduled publishing and unpublishing (coming soon)

  • Taxonomy and meta data management

  • Multilingual support

  • Custom roles and permissions (granular content access permissions coming soon)

  • Multifactor and SSO authentication support

  • Plug and play integrations (e.g., recaptcha)

  • Integration starter kits

  • Personalization (Advanced license only)

What features are coming?

Kentico is releasing monthly refreshes to offer additional features and functionality. Check out their roadmap to see what to expect over the next few months and next year. ZAG will continue to partner with Kentico’s product development team to advocate for the features our clients need the most, so that the product evolves to best support our clientele.

License & Pricing

Xperience by Kentico has two license versions: Standard and Advanced. While Kentico has both SaaS and self-managed options, most ZAG clients choose the self-managed hosting option due to the extensive security and managed hosting packages that ZAG offers and our many years of providing managed hosting support.

Experience Kentico Xperience

ZAG is here to help you navigate this exciting technology evolution. If you have a Kentico 13 site and what to chat about future plans, let’s talk. And if you’re planning a redesign now and want to talk further about using Xperience by Kentico, we’d love to be your Kentico partner. Visit our contact page to learn more or contact your Account Manager if you’re an existing client.

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