June 10 2020

Kentico Product and License Updates

Kentico XperienceThis article was updated in June of 2022 with new information since Kentico has updated support timelines since the original publish date of this article.

As a Kentico gold partner, ZAG has been building sites in Kentico for many years. This powerful content management system continues to be a very popular CMS for mid-market companies looking for a powerful, secure, all-in-one digital experience platform. Kentico has recently made several important announcements that impact current and prospective customers, so explore how these announcements may affect your business and your digital plans for 2020 and beyond.

New Name, Same Great Product

Kentico has renamed its CMS Kentico Xperience and also renamed the available license editions. The Base license stopped being available for purchase in 2019, and customers can now choose the Business edition (formerly known as CMS or Ultimate edition) or the Enterprise edition (formerly known as EMS) depending on their needs. Customers can also decide between a subscription license or a perpetual license. As always, customers can upgrade an existing license based on business needs. ZAG also recommends annual version upgrades to take advantage of the latest features, patches and bug fixes.

Goodbye Web Forms, Hello MVC

Starting with version 12, Kentico committed to the MVC (Model View Controller) development model going forward. With Microsoft discontinuing its support of ASP.Net Web Forms technology, Kentico, like many .NET CMS’, overhauled its platform starting with version 12. ZAG has been exclusively building all Kentico sites using the MVC development model for over a year but if your site was built using Web Forms technology, don’t panic. Kentico will be providing support for version 12 Web Forms based sites through July 1, 2023 if you have the Subscription license. You can work directly with your ZAG account manager to price out a rebuild of your current site in MVC or a redesign and rebuild if that's more appropriate for your business needs.

The Road Ahead

Kentico continues to invest in its Xperience product and has many plans for its next version – Kentico Xperience 13 – which will be released in late 2020. Kentico will be overhauling the marketing automation feature available in the Enterprise (formerly EMS) version and it will be making many other feature updates to continue to support the needs of developers and marketers alike.

Get Started

If you have an existing Kentico site and need help evaluating next steps for your business, or you are evaluating content management systems and want to learn more about how Kentico might be right for your digital experience, contact ZAG Interactive to discuss your unique requirements.

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