June 11 2019

Why Add A Site Tour To Your Website Redesign

introduce website tourInvesting in a website redesign is exciting for your business and your customers. A new site solves problems and frustrations as well as creates new digital marketing opportunities and scalability. While planning for the launch of your site, there are some additional considerations to ensure that customers understand its full value and feel comfortable navigating. A website tour is a great way to introduce the world to your website – guiding visitors through key features and benefits and highlighting the most important elements based on known needs. Explore five significant benefits of a website tour for your business.

Introduce Important Website Features

With a website redesign, chances are you added powerful new features with the intent to make your customers’ lives easier. With website tours, you can highlight these important components of your site and explain how they benefit visitors. Perhaps you established a better way to sort and filter your products, made it easier to find your locations, or added helpful educational information and tools. A site tour would not only introduce where these features are located, but also encourage usage among visitors, supporting conversions and generating additional leads.

Address What Has Changed

Even though a website redesign will make a positive difference, there can be some natural visitor resistance to change. There may be an adjustment period for some of your regular website visitors when they revisit your newly launched site. For this reason, it is important to point out commonly used features that have been altered. This may include the location of popular links or the member login button. Without a tour, a simple change like this can quickly frustrate your most loyal users. The same idea works for any of your most-used pages like helpful resources, rates, or online banking. Draw extra attention to where the new homes of these sections are so visitors don’t have to struggle to find them.

Highlight Branding and Positioning

If your redesigned website is also introducing a new brand or brand refresh, a site tour is an excellent way to introduce these changes. It also offers an opportunity to spotlight aspects of your site that bring out your brand, from community involvement to corporate culture. Showcase the impact your company or institution makes on its local community. This is a great way to recognize the charity work your business does and how it makes a difference. Especially during a time of brand change, setting the scene of your company values and local involvement will help customers understand your new brand a little better. Culture also is an important aspect to recognize when changing brands. What do you want customers to think when they hear your company name? A site tour gives you the perfect opportunity to express this information and explain who the new “you” is. Examples may include photo galleries, news updates or even social feeds that illustrate your unique personality and encourage continued brand engagement.

Showcase Conversion-Focused Features

A website tour gives you the ability to point out strategic elements related to business goals. Is your site highly conversion-focused? Use a site tour to point out call to action buttons and other key areas of the site where visitors can take the next step. Be sure to communicate just how easy it is for users to fill out your applications, all while explaining key benefits of using your products or solutions. For customers with questions, you can showcase contact forms and FAQs to support your customer service team and visitors' user experience. Contact forms are a great way to engage with potential customers, so make sure to address them during the site tour to encourage users to utilize them. FAQs also provide quick access for common customer needs, and can help reduce calls to your customer support team.

Draw Attention to Product or Service Pages

Site tours also give your business a unique platform to draw attention to product and service pages. Use a site tour to your advantage and display the menu location(s) of these links, as well as who might benefit from each product. Your site tour can also showcase any main navigation changes from the old site to your new one, while highlighting important items. If your website includes product comparison charts, you might also consider highlighting these in the site tour as well.

Will Your Redesign Include a Website Tour?

Completing a website redesign can bring plentiful benefits to your company, but don’t underestimate the value of making the site launch a smooth and positive process for your users. Visitors appreciate site tours because they introduce them to the changes you made to your website, minimize frustrations, and can help reduce customer service inquiries resulting from the site redesign. If you are interested in learning more about website redesigns or site tours, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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