June 16 2017

What’s New with Kentico 10

Kentico CMSThe latest version of Kentico, Kentico 10 offers an abundance of new and exciting features to improve this popular content and customer experience management system. The milestone upgrade includes enhanced, out-of-the-box features that boost the speed, interactivity and accessibility of all content management, e-commerce and online marketing for your brand.

Kentico 10 provides site administrators with the ability to do more with their digital presence, all on one platform. Highlights of Kentico 10 include:

  • Improvements to email marketing functionality

  • Introduction of cross-site contact profiles

  • 50% faster page load and response time

  • Improvements in web form and MVC development support

Let’s explore each of these upgrades in more depth.

Email Marketing Improvements

Previous versions of Kentico had cumbersome email subscriber list functionality. Kentico 10 offers significant improvements to this feature. Rather than rely on the Newsletter functionality, marketers can now create an ad-hoc Email Campaign and send to specific contact groups. The new system also assigns each contact an email marketing status for a simple overview of data. Additionally, Kentico 10 includes a new interactive, customizable dashboard for more email marketing data intelligence.

Cross-Site Contact Profile

Do you have multiple web properties managed in Kentico? With Kentico 10, you can share contact profiles across websites, providing you with the complete view of a visitor's interaction.

Web Forms & MVC Development

Kentico 10 also comes with improvements in web forms and MVC development, allowing you to better customize your site experience and flexibility to develop the way you want.

What’s Next?

In late 2017, Kentico will plan to roll out Kentico 11. This release will primarily focus on enhancing marketing and ecommerce features to increase Kentico usability and simplicity. Some features included in the Kentico 11 roadmap include:

  • Email marketing improvements including a visual email builder to help non-technical users produce modern, responsive emails

  • Faceted search improvements

  • Form usability improvements for mobile platforms

  • Ecommerce enhancements including cart calculation improvements

  • Improved reporting for email marketing, campaigns, contacts and personas

ZAG Interactive is a Kentico Gold Partner

As a Kentico Gold Partner, ZAG Interactive’s team is always excited to help you improve your website. Do you want to learn more about Kentico? Contact us to talk and schedule a Kentico demo. 

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