June 09 2015

Working Backwards to Build Effective Financial Marketing Campaigns

If you’ve ever walked backwards, you know how unnatural (and scary) it feels. But when it comes to financial marketing, working backwards toward your goals is the best way to ensure that you are approaching each objective intelligently, methodically and measurably.

As a financial marketer, you should always have a goal in mind, whether it’s reaching those coveted Millennials, attaining a growth goal, or even something less quantifiable like supporting brand awareness and preference. Rather than focusing on the end goal, the key to success is to map out every single point along the path to accurately define all the components you need, and then develop your attack plan and budget accordingly. If you don’t get your campaign planning right, you’ll will inevitably be faced with last-minute emergencies, scope creep, and missing elements in your campaign that you need to be successful.

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Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown
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