June 03 2013

Sitefinity Multisite Edition Simplifies Simultaneous Site Management

Sitefinity Multisite Edition
These days, marketing departments want more flexibility to expand their web presence into multiple sites that speak to specific audiences or highlight specific elements of their company. In the past, this might’ve been a cumbersome project that required managing content and settings across multiple sites.

But we’ve been working with some of the new multisite configuration elements that are part of the latest Sitefinity versions, and there are exciting possibilities for any business that wants to manage various websites. Sitefinity’s Multisite Edition allows you to share and synchronize content, templates, website infrastructure, tools and more through a centralized management area.

This means managing multiple websites is much simpler. Along with the shared elements, the Multisite Edition enables you to use a single codebase and single database. And when you’re ready to upgrade to the latest version of Sitefinity, you can upgrade all your websites simultaneously.

With a clean and user-friendly interface, Sitefinity Multisite makes it easy to manage several sites with overlapping resources while maintaining the necessary level of security.

If you’re considering how to combine multiple websites into a single multisite instance configuration, Sitefinity Multisite is worth exploring. Contact us today to discuss more.

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Paul Andrews
Paul Andrews
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