July 08 2021

What is a Landing Page?

What is a landing page? A single-page website Use for marketing campaigns Has one single goal: to convert a user A simple and engaging design is how you can ensure success First Impressions A landing page only has a few seconds to make and impression and capture the user’s attention, and can be the difference in a conversion or not. Key Components of a Landing Page Minimal Content Avoid clutter by stripping away distracting information (such as unnecessary content or hyperlinks that aren’t related to the campaign). Tip: Use white space to provide breathing room and to let the eye scan the page. Hierarchy The user needs a clear course of action Tip: Use headlines, easy-to-read body copy, bullets, or icons to separate important information and avoid clutter Engaging Headline You may only have a second, so keep the typography engaging but easy to read Tip: Use a big font size (make it pop!) Call-to-Action Make sure the call to action is big and easy to find without scrolling, and utilize a contact form to track results Tip: Place one at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page Brand Recognition Use branded fonts, colors, and design elements Tip: Make sure the elements stand out, but don’t fight for attention. Videos & Images Engage the user with interactive videos, or images that can help create a connection. The visuals should be consistent with other campaign visuals. Tip: Make sure your videos and images are optimized to decrease the page load time. Remember, you only have 1 second to impress the user! Social Proof Highlight a testimonial, social icons, or other brands. Tip: Select a testimonial or review from someone that represents your key target audience

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