July 24 2019

New Look for ZAG Interactive

This month, we launch the new and refreshed brand of ZAG Interactive, a Glastonbury, CT-based digital agency with hundreds of clients throughout the U.S.


Why refresh our brand?

Simply put – it was time for the look of ZAG to change because we too have changed so much as a company. In recent years we’ve been joined by many new faces and continue to refine and improve our diverse array of strategy, design, development and marketing services. Earlier this year we also physically moved locations into our new home at 20 Western Boulevard in Glastonbury, CT. We continue to shape and be shaped by the ever-evolving culture of digital, and our new look and feel reflects this shift.

You say you want an evolution

Since 2002, ZAG has been fueled by the vision and attitude instilled by President and CEO Larry Miclette. ZAG was created from a desire to build something from the ground up, to reflect a passion for technology and a drive to create something worth believing in. Who we are today and will be tomorrow must reflect the level of excellence our clients expect from us, and that ZAG employees expect from each other.

We started down this road by giving serious consideration to our positioning. We asked ourselves what our clients really need from us and what matters to us as a company and as human beings. The answers we uncovered helped to reshape our new mission statement.

Every day is an opportunity to rise far above expectations, to show our passion for creating innovative solutions, and to treat everyone with respect that defines a rewarding relationship.

Backed by this newly defined mission, we turned our attention to the visual look of the brand.

Exploring our Name

Early on we knew it wasn’t smart to part with the name that put us on the map, “ZAG Interactive”. So, officially, our name will remain ZAG Interactive. But as you see our brand across many mediums – from social media to print and of course our website - you can expect to see more uses of “ZAG” without the “Interactive”. One of the changes we have grown into over the years is a focus on offering full-service solutions to our clients, and while websites will remain our cornerstone, we don’t want to feel limited by the term “Interactive”. We’ve embraced the unofficial, shorter, version of our name. Watch out Bono and Cher.

Reimagining our Logo

The refreshed logo is a new take on the letterforms that make up the word “ZAG” – refining angles, softening curves and focusing on negative space. The bold shapes give strength and a uniqueness to the logo, which is balanced by the offset “Interactive”. The logo also now has a horizontal version when the stacked version cannot be used.
ZAG new logo

Adding Vibrancy to our Colors

Another of our most recognizable assets is our color blue. To give the brand a more modern feel, we boosted the color to a richer dark blue and added a vibrant bright blue to the logo itself. The new color scheme adds a vibrancy and energy to our brand that is reflected in everything that we do.

Cleaning up our Typography

While we will continue to use the Google Font Lato, we have dropped the script Libre Baskerville Italic as an accent font. Expect to see less of the all caps headlines in favor of the more easily-read sentence caps.

Creating a ZAG Visual System

As part of the refresh, we will continue to develop a system of iconography, illustration and patterns to communicate our brand and messaging across integrated marketing materials. The most immediate change has been the introduction of pattern and shapes inspired by the new logo. These patterns appear on the walls of our new offices and throughout new materials and are a vibrant, playful reflection of our culture. As the months go on, we will continue to redefine the visual system of our new brand – adding more illustration, redesigning icons and evaluating photography. A new website is also planned for 2020.

ZAG visual system

Rising above expectations

ZAG will continue to embrace a “work hard, play hard” attitude while consistently looking for opportunity to grow and better serve our clients. The changes we’ve made have resulted in a more modern and flexible brand with a visual identity that feels as good as it looks. In short, it’s us, only better.

If you want to drop us a line to tell us what you think about the brand, contact us online. Or, if you’re as excited as we are about the changes we are making and our mission to rise above expectations – check out our careers page and our current job openings.

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Jennifer Buccini
Jennifer Buccini
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ZAG Interactive is a full-service digital agency in Glastonbury, CT, offering website design, development, marketing and digital strategy to clients nationwide. See current job openings.
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