July 03 2012

New Redwood CU Site Towers Over Predecessor

Redwood Credit Union, one of the largest credit unions in the country, is a Northern California-based financial institution with more than 220,000 members and branches in 18 locations today.

RCU’s website had been largely unchanged for more than 10 years before we started working with them. During that time period, content had been added on a regular basis to the point that the site had become difficult to navigate and confusing for members.

Our design approach created a user experience that is intuitive, educational and highly functional within the Sitefinity Content Management System.


Expressing Their Culture

RCU’s community involvement is an important element of their culture, and we incorporated full-screen photos of their members on the homepage and main landing pages as an authentic expression of RCU’s commitment to high-quality member service.

At the same time, our technology-savvy design speaks to RCU’s progressive attitude after we integrated a knowledge base, rates database, product reviews and a section dedicated to member education.

The “Ask RCU” field displays prominently on all pages and directs visitors to information in the RCU knowledge base, a feature that maintains RCU’s position as a brand that authentically cares about helping their members achieve financial well-being.

With a well-branded and consistent design, RCU now has multiple areas on their website that can evolve to promote products, services, information and more.


Content Strategy

Our information architects pared down more than 550 pages of content into a core collection of informative, concise pages.

Working closely with RCU’s marketing team and business line owners, our content strategy involved cutting down those pages by more than 50% and distilling a vast amount of information into user-friendly bites that remain descriptive and valuable to website visitors. This strategy included a sitemap overhaul to create a more intuitive and functional user experience.

Along with condensing information to the essentials, we created a tabbed structure so that visitors can easily gain knowledge through a product or service overview, compare similar products, review products and access additional related information in RCU’s powerful knowledge base that our developers seamlessly integrated with the new website. 

While we cut the overall page count, this strategy enhanced the informational value of the website by creating simpler navigation that will keep people engaged longer with RCU’s brand.

Check out RCU's new site to get a better feel for it.



Redwood CU's old website before redesign 


Redwood CU's website redesigned

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