July 05 2012

LAZ Parking's New Site Matches Company's Stature

LAZ Parking is a national parking hospitality company that has grown immensely since its founding in 1981 in Hartford, CT. The company, which is headquartered in Hartford, currently operates nearly 600,000 parking spaces in more than 1,600 locations across 21 states.

They came to us in dire need of a more sophisticated, informative and modern website that was easier for visitors to navigate. We transformed their web presence through an updated design, enhanced functionality and lively content.


One Website For Two Audiences

LAZ Parking’s new website needed to serve as a single resource speaking to two distinct audiences—the people who are searching for parking spaces and the business leaders who form parking partnerships with LAZ.

The redesigned homepage immediately offers the option to access either the Parkers side of the website or the Partners side, and visitors can easily navigate between the two at any time.

Both sites feature their own unique color palette and imagery, specifically chosen for different messaging.

The Partners homepage features large rotating branding messages that speak to their high-end service, their company culture and professionalism. On the Parkers website, we incorporated an interactive parking map that allows people to quickly find LAZ Parking locations all over the country.

We infused both sections of the website with related and authentic photography that features real LAZ facilities, employees and locations to create a more personal connection between LAZ Parking and its website visitors.


Refreshed Content, More Depth

We worked with the company’s marketing officials to craft fresh messages for the dual-role website.

One of the most important elements in our re-write was to accurately capture LAZ Parking’s unique culture that has helped the company grow significantly, including detailed information about the company’s charitable foundation.

We also created new content that provides more information about the variety of services they provide to their business partners. On the Parkers side, we added more content that speaks to all of the characteristics that differentiate LAZ Parking from its competitors in an effort to show visitors that not all parking companies are alike.

Additionally, we implemented LAZ Parking’s existing functionality that allows people to pay their bills and manage their monthly parking accounts while writing more descriptive language about the benefits of parking with LAZ.

Visitors to the website now get a complete sense of LAZ Parking’s services and how the company interacts with parkers, partners, their employees and their surrounding communities.

The result of all of our work is a website that positions LAZ Parking as a leader in the industry.



 Laz site before Zag Interactive


 New LAZ Site

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