February 09 2022

Kentico Xperience 13 Features

kentico xperience refreshesKentico Xperience released version 13 in October of 2020, and has been releasing additional features on a quarterly basis rather than doing this as part of annual upgrade which was done in the past. As a Kentico Xperience Gold partner, ZAG Interactive is always excited to introduce these offerings to our clients, so let’s dig into what clients on Kentico Xperience 13 can benefit from.

Powerful CMS built with the latest ASP.Net Core MVC Technology

Kentico formally introduced the MVC development model with version 12 and since then, has continued to improve its product offering with version 13 and its subsequent refreshes. At ZAG, we are automatically including these refreshes sites we are building, and encourage our clients to sign up for quarterly hot fixes and updates. Clients with websites built in Kentico’s latest technology enjoy a modern web framework, a easy to use page builder, reusable content, customizable workflows, an easy form builder, multilingual site support, additional digital marketing features and more.

Kentico Refreshes 1-4

Refresh 1 included the following key features:

  • An improved combined index for the site search engine

  • Integration with Bynder, a digital asset management solution

  • Integration with Recombee, allowing for real-time user experience personalization through Recombee’s engine

  • Inclusion of the object selector as an out-of-the-box feature

  • Built-in debugging feature to monitor internal activity and better address problems

  • Cache tag helper for better performance with heavier loading sites

  • Updates to interest activity logging

Refresh 2 included the following key features:

  • Copying and pasting widgets in page builder, allowing for easier development

  • Adding properties for form builder sections, allowing for features like headers, descriptions and more within a form.

  • Adding the ability to customize an alias for multi-culture sites, allowing a directory to be /en instead of /en-US for example.

Refresh 3 included the following key features:

  • Improvements to related pages functionality

  • Creation of widget zone restrictions, to prevent administrators from adding a widget in the wrong area and impacting the visual/user experience

  • Ability to create widget zone names for easier page management

Refresh 4 included the following key features:

  • Default ALT text content for all images, which can support SEO and ADA best practices

  • AI image recognition through the Microsoft Azure Computer Vision API integration

  • External comment platform via Disqus which allows for comments on site pages like blogs

  • External module to connect the site with the Jira issue tracking software

  • External module to connect with the Intercom chat service

Kentico Xperience Roadmap

Kentico’s product development team is hard at work and has outlined several key initiatives in the near term:

  • They are working on a SasS (software as a service) offering which will be an alternative to an on-premise, public cloud hosted solution.

  • They will be moving from quarterly to monthly refresh cycles.

To discuss if Kentico Xperience is right for your design or redesign project, contact us. We are happy to review your needs and schedule a demo of the CMS so you can see how powerful it truly us.

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