February 12 2018

Why ZAG's Excited About the Features of Kentico 11

Kentico 11 CMS upgradeWe’re not going to lie. As a Kentico gold partner, we get a little giddy about new version releases. After beta testing Kentico 11 on our own site, we are pleased to report that the newest release, Kentico 11, does not disappoint. This major upgrade focuses on marketing systems, internal data structure, and building key third-party integrations. Whether you’re currently on an earlier version and want to upgrade to Kentico 11, or looking to build your site on the latest version of Kentico, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the exciting new features that Kentico 11 offers.

Smarter Marketing Features

Drag and Drop Email Builder & Better Reporting

The upgraded email marketing platform was one of the most anticipated parts of the release and now offers the user experience and functionality that today’s marketers expect. Kentico 11 offers a native visual email builder, very similar to the process for modifying parts of a page in Kentico. This means that administrators can now build emails without developer assistance. In addition to the drag and drop email builder, Kentico added a new email reporting feature which allows administrators to see a visual percentage of open rates, click rates and unsubscription rates. This enhanced reporting gives marketers a better high-level overview of how marketing emails are performing so that campaigns can be optimized for maximum performance. If email marketing is part of your plan, it’s time to upgrade to Kentico 11.Watch Kentico’s video on the Email Builder for Kentico 11:

Campaign Management (EMS license)

Kentico recognized that by advancing the email builder, built-in analytics would also have to be upgraded to allow marketers to test and retest to maximize conversion. In Kentico version 11 (EMS version), the campaign report has been expanded so administrators can analyze the overall stats in more detail, down to individual content blocks. Furthermore, administrators can click through conversion numbers to see lists of contacts, aggregated by demographics such as country, gender, age, and other key identifiers.

Persona Reporting (EMS license)

To understand how personas are performing, Kentico added a new reporting tab in Kentico 11 which features a visual chart that allows administrators to select and deselect personas to hone in on their results. Now administrators can see which persona is resulting in new contacts, and which is not - vital information marketers need optimize website personalization strategies.

Data Protection

GDPR Support

The legislation was created and approved by the European Union (EU) to regulate data protection for all individuals in the EU. Called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the implications are starting to feel felt by all businesses who have any connection to consumers in the EU. The law passed April 27, 2016. and had a built-in two-year transition period. As of May 25, 2018, fines will become allowed and enforceable for online presences who do not adhere to these new rules. Luckily, Kentico 11 has built in a stronger Data Flow map, allowing for user consent and right to access. Learn more about GDPR in Kentico in their handy infographic.


E-Commerce in Kentico, while robust, often needed custom programming for certain combinations. Version 11 has remedied most of that with shopping cart calculation updates. The new cart calculation engine is broken down into logical steps, automating most of the rounding and tax applications. Also added is a delayed payment capture feature - meaning that an order can still be taken and then they can apply payment through the website later through standard gateways or PayPal. This change will save on the custom code previously needed to make this functionality work.

New Integrations

  •  UCommerce: Even with the native e-commerce updates, Kentico users now have the option to replace the internal e-commerce app with a third-party option from UCommerce. The benefit is that as an e-commerce-only solution, UCommerce focuses solely on making the best solutions for different e-commerce needs. Kentico joins the ranks of other .Net CMS providers like SiteCore and Umbraco in this new service offering.

  • Dynamics, Salesforce, and Marketo: Continuing on the path to make Kentico the CMS for all businesses with different sales and marketing solutions, they have opened up new integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Marketo. While businesses will likely need to customize these further to suit their needs, these out-of-the-box integrations are a nice feature for businesses needing to share data across platforms.

  • Azure Search: Kentico also added to the functionality of Azure Search, a search-as-a-cloud service that can handle complex queries through a website, mobile, and even enterprise programs that are connected to a server.

Kentico version 11 is a smart investment for any business looking to move to Kentico’s platform or upgrade from an earlier version. Kentico continues to invest in its platform and will roll out Kentico 12 in November 2018. This release will include a widget-based visual page builder and much more.

ZAG Interactive is a Kentico Gold Partner

As a Kentico Gold Partner, ZAG Interactive’s team is always excited to help businesses maximize their online presence. Do you want to learn more about Kentico or upgrade your CMS? Contact us to talk more about your specific needs, or schedule a Kentico demo. 

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