February 17 2015

What’s New with Sitefinity 7.3

sitefinity 7.3Telerik has recently released Sitefinity version 7.3. The newest version of this popular content management system includes exciting new features on top of their already powerful platform, including improved lead management via lead scoring, SharePoint integration, a mobile-first framework, a better documentation portal and much, much more. Let’s explore some of the new Sitefinity 7.3 features.

Manage and Define Quality Leads
Lead scoring is a new feature in Sitefinity that allows sales and marketing to manage and track qualified leads. Sitefinity now allows sales and marketing administrators to centrally manage the definition of what a qualified lead is. This entails setting up channels and data points which defines a sales-ready lead according to your predefined definition. The Sitefinity update also offers lead scoring rules. With scoring rules, you can set up rules that are used to rank all your potential buyers against your definition of a qualified lead, based on the types of interactions and engagement your customer makes on your site. When a lead passes a defined rule or threshold, you are notified so that you can determine your next step for offers or follow up. This new version also generates helpful reports which track how a buyer’s behavior impacts your business on a larger scale. By analyzing these trends in your audience, you can adjust your lead strategy and sales strategies accordingly.

Integration with SharePoint Online
Sitefinity 7.3 allows you to connect with your SharePoint infrastructure. The two-way connector between Sitefinity and SharePoint allows for easy editing and synching of digital asset and lists, making life much easier for those using both platforms. Sitefinity’s page editor makes it easy to present your SharePoint content with user-friendly interfaces like the ability to drag and drop layouts and widgets onto a page. Sitefinity is also a great public-facing complement to SharePoint because of its lightweight hosting and scalable licensing offerings.

Putting Mobile First
Project feather is the new Sitefinity mobile-first user interface framework. Among other useful features, it allows the building of mobile-ready sites using familiar front-end framework of your choice such as Bootstrap, Foundation and SemanticUI support as well as ASP .NET NVC implementation of all the Sitefinity stock widgets. This means that all widgets are built with a mobile-first mindset and therefore will all be responsive by design.

New Documentation
Along with the rollout of Sitefinity 7.3, Telerik has improved its documentation portal. You can now browse the documentation written specifically for your Sitefinity version and easily switch between versions to compare requirements and features as well as view what has changed in the newest Sitefinity release. Telerik also introduced a more task-oriented approach to organizing the information they deliver, including reorganizing by topic and task, having an overview page for new features, and adding related articles for more resources. Users may also use the improved search feature to search any specific task, which will be filtered by latest and most relevant piece of information.

Several Favorite Feature Requests Solved
On top of their new features, Sitefinity 7.3 has also fixed more than 12 favorite feature requests, including but not limited to:

  • Up to 60% faster application start-up and restart time
  • Reducing page pre-compilation times
  • Adding the option for granular permissions in dynamic content
  • Optimized permissions when users open pages in the backend
  • Integration with Azure Search for cloud search improvements

ZAG Interactive is a Platinum Sitefinity Partner
ZAG Interactive is proud to be part of Sitefinity’s select group of Platinum Partners. With more than 100 Sitefinity sites built, our development team understands the possibilities that exist within Sitefinity and with the flexibility of this content management system, are able to create powerful, user-friendly websites that provide a customized web presence for each of our clients.

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