February 13 2013

Why Web Content is So Important to Your Digital Success

Are you content with the content on your website? If you answer “no,” then it’s easy for me to make my next points. If you answer “yes,” I’ll argue that you may be complacent about your content, which also will set up the next parts of this post. Either way, look at this: You’re still reading, and that underscores the importance of good content for the success of your website. 


A whole bunch of digital marketers agree because they told eConsultancy that content marketing is their #1 priority in 2013. A professional web copywriter working within a defined, tailored SEO strategy delivers valuable benefits to your business. Here’s how:

What types of website content are important?

  • Blog content: Post fresh content on your blog a few times a week or month, and use the blog to relate your blog topic to specific products and services. Just don’t bludgeon people with too much sales talk. Approach each blog post as an opportunity to provide information your audience can use and then subtly work in your sales pitch. Blog posts also provide an excellent opportunity to boost your organic search rankings.

  • Products and services content: Provide enough explanation of your products and services to generate interest and compel your audience to take action. Again, be careful not to overwhelm your audience with so much information that words lose their meaning and appear as blocks of gray instead.

  • News and timely content: Show your audience that your business is growing and share interesting content so you can position your business as subject matter experts who are in the know. Outdated news on the main page of your site shows that you’re not prioritizing your content.

  • Social media: A successful social media presence requires interesting, fresh content that people want to share. Give them a good mix of serious and entertaining material and keep the self-promotion to a minimum.

Some tips on writing web copy

  • People want to get what they need and move on. Give them just enough to satisfy and provide a clear, trackable mechanism (e.g., contact form) to learn more.

  • Compel your audience to take action with website copywriting that smoothly transfers them from one page of content to another, either to learn more or to contact your company.

  • Don’t misspell words. Your credibility takes a hit when you publish typos on your website.

  • Use energetic and descriptive words as much as possible. Active writing effectively engages your audience.

  • Use your analytics tool to research the topics people are looking for through your site search tool or through search engine referrals, and then write more about those topics to cater to them.  

Feed the search engines with fresh content

  • Search engine algorithms factor a website’s size in their rankings, meaning more pages equals more credibility.

  • SEO copywriting with content specific to a targeted keyword or phrase creates relevancy for a search engine.

  • Search engines index content from multiple sources, so syndicating your content can significantly increase your site’s visibility and ranking.

  • Google author rankings favor authors who frequently publish valuable content shared through Google+. Through a combination of code markup and +1 sharing, authors can quickly earn credibility and boost search engine rankings for their content.

Investing in content will pay off

  • Not every marketer is a good writer and not every marketing department is adequately staffed to churn out important content on a frequent basis.

  • Writing copy that effectively conveys your message is easier when a professional writer is involved.

  • Employ an agency’s web copywriter who understands your goals and can develop and post scads of valuable content while you spend time on other marketing pursuits. 


Now that you know, find out how to get help. Contact ZAG Interactive today.

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