February 15 2011

So, What is The Z: Drive?

If you had visited our offices over the past few weeks, you would’ve seen a large dry erase board with multiple variations of Z and ZAG themes written in no particular order or coherence.
That was our on-going brainstorm to name this blog, the results of which you see at the top of the page.

What is The Z: Drive?

In this immediate context, it’s a blog where we’ll discuss interesting, relevant and maybe even funny things going on at ZAG Interactive’s office and within the interactive world.
In our daily lives, The Z: Drive is actually a drive on our server where we file…stuff. If you visit our offices, we can actually show you how we access the Z: drive from our computers.

Below The Surface

The Z: Drive also goes beyond just a title or a mechanism. It’s an attitude we share as a group of talented professionals taking pride in our various roles and striving for results that please our clients.
Finding people who truly care about their work—in any industry—isn’t always easy. Forming an entire team of those people is more rare, and personally, I’m fortunate to have joined such a group.
So there you go. That’s a little about the name. It doesn’t really matter whose blog name idea won the vote (it was mine) or what prize that person was awarded (none) or whether there were better names left on the board (there were).

The point is, we all agree The Z: Drive encompasses what we’re all about.

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Douglas Malan
Douglas Malan
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