February 21 2011

Listen To The Music

There’s no shortage of good music available in our offices. We all have our iPods or MP3 players loaded with our favorites, but the most comprehensive source of tunes is the satellite radio filtering through our speaker system.

Any type of music you want, you can find it. The best part is that momentary escape you experience when you hear a song that triggers memories of a special place or time. Funny how that works.

The other day someone turned on the channel playing 1980s big-hair rock band music. I heard maybe 10 seconds of the song “Final Countdown” by Europe and the sensations were immediate: I remembered a sixth-grade birthday party at a roller rink, a girl I had a crush on skating circles around my clumsiness and trying to act cool with my buddies even though my stomach was fluttering over the girl.

I sent a stream of consciousness email to my co-workers about this because it’s a universal sensation that people generally appreciate. That started a discussion about music, memories of youth’s awkwardness and disbelief that we actually wore the clothes and listened to the music we were describing.

For me, the brief trip back to my youth re-energized my brain that afternoon. We all learned embarrassingly funny details about our co-workers. And there was common ground among people whose experiences took place in different parts of the country.

Then I thought about me as that sixth-grade boy in southern Illinois who bought that Europe cassette tape at my local Record Bar because it reminded me of the girl. And I marveled at all the changes in my life since I last heard that song.

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Douglas Malan
Douglas Malan
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