January 31 2011

Improving the Development Process

Here's a little piece of our company's culture, something that helps us continue to improve the quality of our websites. Every two weeks, our development team gets together for a meeting. This meeting isn't about projects or status updates, though. Instead, we talk about how we can improve our development process.

Maybe that sounds boring, but it’s a great experience for us, and in the end, it all comes back to you.

At a typical meeting, this is what we cover:

  • Discuss how to accomplish common developer tasks, like installing a Sitefinity module, or integrating Google Maps
  • Introduce newly developed, re-usable website modules that we have built for our websites
  • Figure out what our pain points are, and how we can solve them

These meetings are extremely productive because for everything we discuss, our developers write how-to guides and publish them to our developer library. We go into every meeting with documentation prepared, and so during our meeting we are able to walk through the basics.

After the meeting, we revise the docs and share meeting notes to recap. We also plan what we want to cover in the two weeks until the next meeting.

These developer meetings are one of my favorite things about working at ZAG. I love working with a team that is always looking to improve and help each other. Naturally, this enables us to deliver better websites to our clients, and who doesn’t like that!

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Douglas Malan
Douglas Malan
Senior Writer

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