December 20 2017

ZAG 2017 Site Launches: Year in Review

30 websites launches 2017Before the ball drops on the new year, let’s look back on some of 2017’s biggest moments. ZAG Interactive launched a total of 30 responsive websites this year, supporting various clients’ goals – from freshening up the look and feel to better representing the brand and products, to creating a streamlined navigation and enhancing the overall user experience. Check out ZAG’s class of 2017’s websites, and get in touch if you want to discuss your next site design or redesign.

January Site Launches

  • First Palmetto Bank – Allowing for easier updates and better branding, the new First Palmetto website helped the bank illustrate its core values, promote its banking products, and provide a truly local experience to its customers.

February Site Launches

  • CT Community Bank – Designed for ADA conformance and overall performance, the new CT Community Bank website features  user-friendly navigation and a modern look and feel that supports online visibility, branding, and lead generation goals.

  • CT Community Bank - InsurBanc – With enhanced strategy, design, and technology, the new InsurBanc website helped achieve the client’s objectives to generate new business and position the brand as a leader in agency financing.

  • Off the Block Sales – With a primary goal of building a client base, the new Off the Block Sales site offers a simple user experience and encourages auto dealers to sign up for new membership. View case study.

  • Oklahoma Employees Credit Union – A unique website focused on fun, personalized content for different demographics, customer service inspired by the in-branch experience and more helps Oklahoma Employees CU manage growth and appeal to their many audiences for years to come. View case study.

  • Sharonview Credit Union – To compliment the credit union’s refreshed brand, the new Sharonview CU website better represents the credit union’s mission of personal service, while upgrading the technology to meet members’ demands for mobile access. View case study.

March Site Launches

  • ZAG Interactive – In between client projects, ZAG worked to update our own website to keep up with the times and trends. Illustrating our commitment to creating effective and engaging digital experiences, the new site delivers valuable insights, personalized content and timely updates while showcasing our work.
  • GCSAA – Serving those who manage and maintain golf courses, the new Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) supports the organization’s objectives to provide important information, education and enhanced value for members.

  • Mohegan Tribe – Reinstilling pride and retaining visitors with a fresh look and updated content, the new Mohegan Tribe website effectively conveys important information about government operations and business interests while showcasing Mohegan’s heritage. View case study.

  • CeleritiFinTech – Overhauling the site strategy and design, the new CeleritiFinTech website portrays the brand as modern, technically-advanced and highly reputable while educating and building relationships with clients and potential clients.

  • Financial Partners Credit Union –  Focusing on lifestyles, solutions and guidance, the new Financial Partners website supports the credit union’s goals to better attract new members, highlight self-service offerings and provide helpful tools to members.

April Site Launches

  • Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union – To make it easier for members to open accounts and apply for loans online, reflect their unique values and brand, and meet member needs, Hawaii Community FCU worked with ZAG to redesign its website.  View case study.

May Site Launches

  • Tidemark Federal Credit Union – After changing its name and brand, Tidemark FCU turned to ZAG Interactive to create a clean, modernized website to better reflect its new mission and continued commitment to members. View case study.

  • Atomic Credit Union – With a new strategic architecture, responsive technology, search engine optimization and more, the new Atomic CU website better presents its brand and better serves its members.

June Site Launches

  • Tucoemas Federal Credit Union – Refreshing the look and feel of its site, Tucoemas FCU’s new website helps the credit union create confidence in mobile offerings, surface important information and educational resources, and promotes new account and loan growth.

  • Swarovski Optic – With an interactive and engaging design, the Swarovski Optic site serves as a resource for retailers to explore high-end binoculars and spotting scopes. Offering streamlined navigation and the ability to view products by purpose, it’s now easy to find the right products.

  • Rockland Trust Bank – The new Rockland Trust website design supports the Bank’s objectives to create consistency throughout the site, conform to WCAG 2.0 AA Standards, highlight competitive differences and provide relevant, contextual tools to visitors.

July Site Launches

  • Limelight Bank – As a new, online-only financial institution focused on green initiatives, Limelight Bank’s new name and digital presence supports its mission to help customers save while saving the environment. View case study.

August Site Launches

  • Sacramento Credit Union – A refreshed, responsive website with enhanced strategy, design and functionality helps Sacramento CU deliver more to members, while streamlining and simplifying the digital experience. View case study.

September Site Launches

  • Credit Union of Southern California  – CU SoCal needed a new site to reflect its contemporary brand and member-focused culture. With enhanced usability, simplified navigation, mobile-friendly design, ADA conformance and more, ZAG helped CU SoCal make it happen, so they could “make it happen” for their members. View case study.

  • BankFive – To activate its recent rebrand, ensure ADA conformance, enhance the user experience, maximize SEO value and more, BankFive redesigned its website with ZAG. Featuring an easy-to-use navigation, responsive design and simplified site architecture, the new site successfully achieved the bank’s objectives and better served its customers. View case study.

October Site Launches

  • PFCU – Making it easier for members to find suitable banking solutions, PFCU’s new website reflects the progression of the brand, from its more modern design to its solutions-focused content strategy. With planning and post-launch promotion, this project successfully supported the goals of the credit union and its members. View case study.

  • BETE Fog Nozzle – A new website with a data-driven user experience and extensive customization of the Kentico CMS helps BETE Fog Nozzle effectively showcase its vast inventory, so customers can easily find specific spray nozzles for their needs. View case study.

November Site Launches

  • Coastal Credit Union – To demonstrate increased value to members, Coastal’s new website offers an updated interface, useful information, robust resources and personalized content with a custom solutions finder. View case study.

  • Credit Union One – Featuring unique financial solutions that fit for members, the new Credit Union ONE website successfully integrates strategy, design, technology, and marketing to meet consumer and business objectives. View case study.

  • ConnectOne Bank – Supporting the bank’s growth, delivering an enhanced customer experience, and better positioning the brand, ConnectOne’s new website lives up to the bank’s tagline – “a better place to be.” View case study.

December Site Launches

  • Union Bank & Trust – Telling the bank’s story and highlighting community involvement, the new Union Bank site is designed to increase local awareness, create brand consistency across channels and allow for measurement of key performance indicators. View case study.
  • Financial Horizons Credit Union – Featuring enhanced content and an intuitive navigation structure, Financial Horizons’ new website helps visitors find valuable information, quickly and easily. 
  • Dime Bank – With an updated design and enhanced usability, the new Dime Bank website helps the bank streamline the customer experience while cross promoting relevant products and services.

It’s been a great year of website designs and redesigns for ZAG Interactive’s diverse clients across the country. With dozens of websites currently in development, ZAG is looking forward to more site launches in 2018!

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