August 04 2021

Recent Website Redesigns Highlight Trends and Best Practices

As a leading digital agency, ZAG is committed to keeping up with the latest technologies and progressive  approaches to deliver enhanced online experiences that meet consumer expectations and support our clients’ goals. Our most recent website launches feature some of the latest trends and best practices for website strategy, design and development – from ADA conformance and analytics tracking to a local SEO strategy and more. Explore these new websites for banks, credit unions and other businesses nationwide for inspiration to improve your own digital presence.

Indiana Credit Union Redesign: Purdue Federal Credit Union

Purdue Federal Credit Union’s new website delivers a refreshed look and feel that better reflects its brand and provides enhanced value for its members. Strategic use of imagery appeals to diverse audiences and demonstrates the real-life product payoff. Valuable resources, custom tools and relevant financial education provide a more personal experience that mimics a more consultative in-branch online in the digital space. The robust Kentico Experience CMS allowed for enhanced customization of the site – including a rates tool, FAQ tool, ratings tool and many other third-party integrations. ZAG’s team also provided copywriting support, SEO and more to provide a consistent, comprehensive experience. The credit union now has improved site management capabilities including content scheduling, asset organization, page editing, dynamic content and more. The site also lays the foundation for future, more sophisticated CMS-based marketing.

View the full Purdue Federal Credit Union Project Portfolio >

NY Credit Union Website Redesign: Great Erie Federal Credit Union

Using a theme-based Umbraco CMS solution, long-time client Greater Erie Federal Credit Union was able to introduce a new website to its members that reflected the brand and offered an improved user experience across all devices. Flexible page layouts allow for easy and efficient site management, while custom tools allow for streamlined updates of rates, alerts and more. An intuitive site architecture, refreshed and branded design, and a blog -- along with an enhanced user experience appeals to all credit union audiences, including those with disabilities. Additionally, new website copy modernizes the credit union's positioning of priority banking products and services, while supporting the on-site local SEO strategy to attract qualified visits from search engines to the site.

View the full Greater Erie Federal Credit Union Project in our Portfolio >

CA Credit Union Website Redesign: Foothill Credit Union

The new Foothill Credit Union website provides an enhanced digital experience for members, while advanced technology and customizations of the Kentico Xperience CMS contribute to business and marketing goals. A simplified navigation makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for, while providing Foothill CU opportunities to promote key products and services. Intuitive menu headings cater to the needs of unique target audiences, including its school and hospital SEGs. An advanced analytics strategy allows the credit union to monitor key performance indicators and visitor interactions for continued optimization, and a landing layout will help support campaign conversions.

View the full Foothill Credit Union Project Portfolio >

Omaha-Based Credit Union Website Redesign: Four Points Federal Credit Union

The new Four Points Federal Credit Union website is designed to support the credit union’s mission and member goals. Built in the Kentico Xperience content management system, the site includes many custom features that allow for simple and streamlined site management. A responsive, ADA conformant design creates a unique brand experience across all screen sizes and devices. Visual elements, feature and benefit information, as well as educational resources work together to communicate the value of each solution, guide the consumer journey and drive the decision-making process. A new custom blog helps the credit union communicate timely educational information to its members and supports the SEO strategy, custom analytics helps identify how the site performs against business goals, and a landing layout supports campaign conversions. To introduce new visitors to the new website, an engagement campaign and a website tour were released with the launch of the new site. ZAG continues to work with this credit union on some more sophisticated marketing features of the Kentico Xperience CMS.

View the full Four Points Federal Credit Union Project Portfolio >

A Cause-Based Website: Student Union USA

ZAG helped create a theme-based website for Student Union USA. Working closely with the founders, ZAG created a logo, defined the design styling, established a site architecture, wrote copy and built the Squarespace-based site. The result is a professional website that helps this organization deliver effective messaging, educate audiences, collect donations, and attract new members and volunteers.

Get updates about our latest launches on social media and stay tuned for more innovative website redesigns for banks, credit unions and other businesses and organizations. Ready to start your website redesign? Let’s chat.

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