August 20 2018

Investing in Ongoing Website Copywriting Services to Keep Content Fresh

investing in ongoing website copywritingWouldn’t it be great if you could clean your house once and never have to do it again? The problem is, if you don’t maintain it, it gets messy. The same goes for website copywriting. Copywriting is an essential component of any website redesign project to clean up your content, align it with the new design, refresh your brand and better position products. But, many businesses ignore the importance of continued copywriting once their website has launched. Investing in ongoing website copywriting support is an important part of digital planning to keep your web copy consistent, SEO optimized and introduce fresh content that can be used for integrated marketing campaigns.

Maintaining the brand

Most businesses update their website weekly, or even daily. Whether it’s with a timely promotion, blog article or news item, copywriting is key to keeping a uniform brand voice. A professional copywriter will also ensure your content is grammatically correct and ideally optimized for search engine optimization as well. Consistency and accuracy is crucial to brand recognition, recall, perceived reliability, and your overall reputation, all of which significantly impact business.

Appealing to audiences

Communicating product features and benefits with bullets is easy enough, but most businesses are looking to position their products as solutions to needs. Making product copy appeal to a diverse range of audiences requires careful consideration of lifestyle, life stage and objectives, as well as strategically constructed content planning around these ideals. Copywriting is key to properly positioning products to your target audiences, making your marketing efforts more effective and contributing to overall product adoption.

Engaging website visitors  

A good website should include more than just your standard business and product information. Whether it’s helpful tools or valuable articles, including a variety of content types can help keep users on the website longer and improve overall engagement with your brand. A professional copywriter can provide suggestions for content types and themes, and develop material that is designed to support business goals.

Supporting SEO

Fresh, keyword-rich content is essential to search engine optimization success. Since your site, search trends and algorithms are constantly evolving, it is imperative to continuously monitor and maintain your SEO strategy. This requires regularly adding pages, updating page content and corresponding meta data to align with current best practices, which strengthens your strategy and improves ranking in search results. Copywriting combined with marketing expertise is an important part of this process to ensure a seamless integration.

Expanding offerings

As your businesses grows, it is common to introduce additional products and services. And as your suite expands and changes, you’ll need to update your website content. Instead of simply adding to an existing page, it is best for user experience and SEO to create unique page content around that specific solution. Doing so also provides businesses an opportunity to focus on a single product and call to action to encourage and measure conversions.

Conserving resources

Developing valuable content takes time and effort, making it difficult to do between your typical day-to-day duties. Skilled in their craft, professional copywriters can efficiently take your input and create content that communicates critical messages, while representing your brand and engaging readers. Putting businesses in the reviewer instead of the creator role, copywriting can ultimately make creating new, quality content easy and cost-effective.

If you are looking for ongoing copywriting support for your website, contact us to discuss your specific website copywriting needs.

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