August 02 2015

Stop Sending Mixed Messages: The Importance of Integrated Marketing

Distributing disjointed marketing messages is equivalent to telling someone Integrated Marketingyou’re romantically interested, but playing hard to get. Confusing, right? This is similar to how consumers feel when they are traveling through the buyer journey from an engaging online advertisement to a less-than-impressive landing page on your corporate site. It makes them feel misled, which is damaging to your perceived credibility. Similarly, when various marketing tactics are treated as separate entities, you decrease your ability to gain trust, establish relationships and achieve results.

Introducing Integration

Establishing continuity between individual, yet intertwined, promotional pieces is essential to maintaining confidence and obtaining objectives. That is what integrated marketing achieves, and it’s why 86% of marketing professionals agree that successfully integrating multiple channels under a single integrated marketing strategy is crucial to their long–term success, according to Forrester.

Prior Planning

When developing an integrated marketing campaign, it’s important to align your approach with your goals and the nature of your industry. Consider all angles and audiences to determine the most effective tactics and outlets to engage users and disseminate your message.

Common Channels

It’s critical to create consistency while leveraging the distinct opportunities provided by different marketing methods across multiple traditional and digital channels.

  • Social Media: Use the unique attributes of appropriate social media platforms to stimulate interest within a defined community and drive visitors to campaign-specific pages for conversion.
  • Websites: Create corporate site confidence by designing homepage takeovers, carousel banners, cross promotions, and other web-based calls-to-action that increase awareness and foster familiarity among site visitors.
  • Landing pages: Achieve focus and expand upon your message with custom campaign destination pages (landing pages) designed to motivate consumers and maximize conversions with well-written, action-oriented content.
  • Blogs: Position your brand as a reputable industry resource by developing valuable, informative content that aligns with timely initiatives and connects your company to the specific subject matter.
  • Search engines: Improve your online visibility and better attract interested audiences, by optimizing your website for organic search (SEO) and produce paid advertising campaigns targeted toward your intended audience.
  • Email: Cultivate existing relationships by developing customizable emails that inform existing contacts of current campaigns, deliver exclusive offers or communicate other timely information.  
  • Traditional: Increase impressions and create cognizance with traditional marketing techniques that amplify your message to the masses including outdoor advertisements, broadcast marketing and other time-honored tactics. 
  • Print: Drive digital action with direct mail, publication advertisements, onsite signage, tradeshow displays and other paper pieces that support your brand.

Effective Execution

Implementing integrated marketing campaigns involves a high level of coordination to establish a synchronized strategy that supports your overall success. Applying inbound marketing philosophy can help ensure each method and medium complements the next, fluently leading the individual along the consumer journey until ultimate conversion.

Capture Conversions

Because of its relationship-nurturing nature, integrated marketing strategies are incredibly effective at generating conversions, particularly compared to tactic-based or traditional forms of marketing. Consumers are gently guided through a series of stages, gradually gaining comfort and trust with your brand. Such an experience is likely to encourage visitors to take your desired action. Also, depending on the active campaign channels, custom analytics tracking can be set up to allow marketers to monitor, measure and maximize the consumer experience and conversions.

Stop Sending Mixed Messages

As with personal relationships, clear, consistent communication is key to better business. Ensure consumers have a coherent, compelling experience by integrating your existing marketing efforts and establishing uniformity within future campaigns. Doing so will increase your overall impact, drive results and lead to long, lasting relationships.

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