August 15 2011

Winning with a DNS Failover Service

Your website is down.

Those four words can make your blood run cold. It can mean lost sales, lost opportunities and disgruntled customers.

How do you mitigate your losses?

We recommend a DNS Failover Service that provides important information to your website visitors and directs them elsewhere, rather than leaving them stranded on a disabled website with no clue about what’s going on.

We’ve implemented these safeguards for several of our clients.

The DNS Failover Service runs the DNS for your website and monitor’s the website’s uptime every 2 to 4 minutes. When an outage is detected, your website rolls over to a customizable failover site. This site is a fully-branded web page or microsite that alerts visitors that the main website is under maintenance.


Offer Superior Customer Service

Here’s where the DNS Failover Service can provide superior customer service: Within this alert message, you can provide links to other parts of your website that remain active. For financial institutions, visitors can be directed to online banking, eStatement access, bill pay operations and any other website features you wish to include.

The failover site features a qualified URL that assures visitors they haven’t landed on a phishing site: https://www.[yoursite].com. The DNS Failover Service continues to monitor your disabled website and automatically switches back to it once the malfunction is corrected.

It’s an affordable service that we can typically set up for you in a matter of weeks. You can save your visitors and yourself a lot of hassles with a failover site that provides pertinent information during an outage.

Couple this site with a social media strategy we help you create for communicating during an emergency and you’ll show your customers that you’re attentive to their needs.

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