April 17 2014

ZAG Interactive’s Growth Fuels Move Into Larger Glastonbury Office Space

Back in 2002 when ZAG Interactive was just one man, a simple plan and a home office in Glastonbury, Larry Miclette had a difficult time envisioning the day his company would be large enough to occupy an entire floor of a multi-story office building. But after early years of steady growth and recent years of surging business, ZAG Interactive has moved into 11,000 square feet of impressive new office space on the second floor of 148 Eastern Boulevard in Glastonbury.

Miclette is the president and CEO of ZAG Interactive, a full-service, award-winning digital agency that began as a one-man web development shop. The company's earliest clients were small businesses in and around Glastonbury. While many small businesses continue to partner with ZAG, the company has grown its client base nationally to include financial institutions, technology companies, municipalities, communications companies, retailers and more.

ZAG's employee roster has grown accordingly to provide the comprehensive digital services that companies need to compete.

"To think about this business in 2002 and to see where we've come, it's just an amazing reality," he said. "The day we walked into this new space with our ZAG blue and custom sign on the wall was one of the proudest moments of my professional life. We took some time to soak it in, and now we're back to work making this company better."

For the past four years, ZAG has been working out of a first-floor suite at 148 Eastern Boulevard. The company's recent growth forced Miclette to find more square footage to support the 40-person team of developers, designers, marketers, project managers and customer-relation professionals. ZAG always has been based in Glastonbury, starting when Miclette was the sole employee. The business relocated to a small office at 904 Main Street in South Glastonbury about 10 years ago before moving to a larger space at 898 Main Street in South Glastonbury. ZAG then moved to offices on Nye Road in Glastonbury when more employees were hired before settling in at 148 Eastern Boulevard.

"The company's growth has been client-driven from day one," Miclette said. "To be in a position where we need an entire office floor to accommodate our various departments makes me thankful for all of our clients and all ZAG employees who have made this company what it is."

Construction on the second-floor office space began earlier this year, led by Dave Viera from Big Dog Construction in Lisbon, Connecticut, and building owner Lisa Lawrence. Visitors step off the elevator to the striking, all-glass entryway leading into ZAG's offices. Inside, the customized floor plan eliminates multiple walls to create the open space needed for ZAG's various departments to collaborate on their projects. Additional conference rooms and an expanded kitchen/lounging area provide plenty of space for meetings and socializing. ZAG's spacious work area provides a stylish setting to host visiting clients with a floor plan that gives everyone a little more elbow room.

"There's a flow to this new space that will make it easier for people to work together when they need to and also to find quiet space when they are locked in on a project," Miclette said. "And there's probably enough space to put in a basketball court or an indoor batting cage if we want to."

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Michelle Brown
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