April 10 2012

Refreshing Changes for Capital Community Bank

Capital Community Bank is a Utah bank founded in 1993 that focuses on providing deposit and lending products for its local clientele and prides itself on helping improve life in Utah communities.


They came to us seeking a refreshed website that blended modern functionality and appearance with an air of professionalism and maintained a warm and friendly vibe to engage visitors.

Clean and Vibrant

The clean, organized layout structure provides the canvas for the picturesque imagery of the Utah landscape and the variety of photographs that appear throughout the site. We added pops of dark green and orange against the white background along with subtle gradients that amplify the vibrant images.

From a functionality standpoint, the Capital Community Bank’s website structure allows for various, flexible promotional spaces and creates a platform for featured rates.

Enhanced Content

Our copywriting department also took on the task of enhancing the website’s content to make it more informative, conversational and uniform in its tone. We created new pages of content in some parts of the website and developed other areas by combining and then distilling information that had been scattered throughout the original site.

The results complement the blending of professionalism and warmth accomplished by the site’s design.

Take a look at these before and after screenshots to get a sense of the dramatic change. And click around the new Capital Community Bank website to see how all elements come together.



Capital Community Bank old website 



Capital Community Bank new website

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