April 12 2011

Why Custom Site Copywriting Helps Your Marketing Campaign

Relevant content on your landing page increases the quality score of your paid search term. Increased quality score means lower cost per click (CPC).

The days of bidding the highest for a term and automatically achieving the first position are over. Google now evaluates your term based on the term’s quality score. The quality score determines what CPC you pay and the amount of exposure your ad receives (especially in the top 3 search result positions). Although many components factor into a term’s quality score, landing page relevance is a huge portion. Your landing page copy needs to be tweaked frequently to remain relevant and reflect appropriate language for the keywords you are buying.

Customized content means that digital campaign copy is more likely to be streamlined with the tone of the landing page and overall site.

Display campaign themes and pay per click ad copy will appear more relevant if content on the site is customized to support that campaign theme. In terms of user experience, there’s nothing worse than seeing a fun new ad campaign and then jumping to a completely irrelevant website with a different tone. Customized content allows more flexibility in streamlining language on the site with any advertising campaigns that are running.

Site content that is custom-written includes more relevant keywords, which can push you into a better position in natural search results.

Search engine optimization is vital to your marketing efforts because of its cost-effectiveness and high-visibility results. Although natural search engine rankings are determined by multiple factors, site content and content relevancy are often thought of as the most important. “Good content” is unique, distinctive, fresh and, of course, relevant to the keyword searches. More copy is not always better, especially if that copy is generic language pulled from old print materials or product descriptions.

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Douglas Malan
Douglas Malan
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