ZAG Libs Holiday Edition

The Gift Of Laughter

Drum roll. It's the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the ZAG Libs holiday story is complete. Thank you to everyone who participated, we received so many great entries which contributed to a generous charitable donation to The Scotty Fund. Without further ado, here is the holiday story we wrote together. We hope you laugh as much as we did.


Holiday Cookies. We asked people around the ZAG office what types of treats they enjoy during the holiday season, and we got a lot of answers. Turns out, everyone likes to eat something slippery and festive this time of year. While fried green tomatoes, figgy pudding and tater tots made the long list of confections, there was one treat that nearly everybody mentioned – the Trash Can Cookie. There’s nothing better than eating a plateful of cookies and drinking a jug of White Claw® to get into the holiday spirit. So, to make your holiday merrier, we’re sharing the recipe. So, to make your holiday’s merrier, we’re sharing the recipe! 1. Grab your Karen, butter and eggs. 2. Twerk it all together. 3. Emotionally pour in more sugar. 4. Roll out the dough and cut out underwear shapes. 5. Bake it at 1,874 degrees. At some point (we forget the exact amount of time), you’ll smell racoons and know these treats are ready to pull from the oven, or need a little longer if you like them naughty. What a treat for you an Baby Yoda to share. The end! ZAG Libs Holiday Edition

Bragging rights go to:

Linda Ward, Apple Bank
Madeline Anderson-Balmer, MIT Federal Credit Union
Connor Johnson, Farm Bureau Bank
Greg Calnen, ZAG Interactive
Chris Bowman, Teachers Credit Union
Abbie Jones, ALLIANCE Credit Union of TX
Brenna Kelliher, ZAG Interactive
Joel Hornbostel, North American Savings Bank
Laura Rowe, The Stephenson National Bank & Trust