Understanding Structured Data and Why Is It Important for SEO

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Understanding Structured Data and Why Is It Important for SEO

Structured data is a technical SEO tactic that is rapidly driving competition on search engine results pages (SERPs). This strategy uses Schema.org code to help search engines better understand the content on pages of a website through rich snippets. You have likely seen search results using schema code without noticing it – when you search for a brand name, a recipe and even upcoming events. Schema code pinpoints crucial information about your brand and products that could be searched through search engines - whether that be your brand assets, location, mission and values, contact information, highlighted products, events and much more. Integrating structured data, as part of a robust SEO strategy, is highly customizable based on your business and website goals. Let us take you through an overview of how you can get started with structured data on your website, and what you can expect.

  • Types of schema

  • Schema markup for financial institutions

  • Benefits of schema for SEO

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