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10 Ways to Measure the ROI of a Website Redesign

Your website is the likely the foundation of all your marketing and communications, so it is paramount that you are getting just as much out of it as you are putting into it. When planning your website design or redesign, you need to begin with clear goals in mind. Before you begin your website redesign project, explore 10 ways to measure the ROI:
  • Designing your navigation with your users in mind
  • Building a site that is search-engine friendly
  • Growing your referral traffic
  • Increasing unique visitors
  • Making your content easy to read
  • Keeping the site fresh
  • Decreasing bounce rate
  • Using landing pages
  • Making your site responsive
  • Tracking your results through conversion
Download this free whitepaper to learn about measuring the ROI of a website redesign and contact us if you want to discuss your website redesign needs.

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