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WebAward Wins
Site of the Month/Quarter Awards from Sitefinity & Kentico

Supporting Digital-First Banking Models with the Right Website Strategy

For consumers, ease of use of your institution's website can be a make or break experience. A UX fundamental that too often is overlooked is site navigation. Read this ZAG-authored article in The Financial Brand, including specific suggestions for making your site navigation approach one that other financial institutions will want to copy.

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Why Organic + Paid Social Is a Powerful Strategy for Financial Marketers

From saturated, hyper-competitive markets to increased focus on the digital space, there’s no question social media marketing is a must for banks and credit unions. But when the rules are constantly changing, how do you develop a strategy with staying power? Read this ZAG-authored article in The Financial Brand.

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Three Ways Financial Marketers Can Navigate Pandemic Challenges

Operating during a global health crisis requires bank and credit union marketers to focus on immediate requirements, jettison inappropriate plans and tactics, and double down on support for customers and communities.

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How to Turn Your Financial Institution’s Website Into a Lead-Gen Engine

There is significant untapped potential in this core digital marketing channel. By collecting contact information for targeted communications, bank and credit union marketers can transform a feeble website into a powerhouse that supports their business goals, improves the consumer journey and enhances overall brand impression.

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6 Ways to Integrate Video Into Bank & Credit Union Marketing Plans

Most financial institution marketers understand the potential power of video in consumer marketing, but they struggle with making it fit their strategy, budget and skill set. In this ZAG Interactive- authored article, read valuable tips to help bridge that gap and keep your costs manageable.

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Kentico Site of the Month: November 2019

The Andrews Federal Credit Union website has been recognized as a Kentico Site of the Month for November 2019.

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2019 Best Bank Website & Best Credit Union Website WebAwards

ZAG won two 2019 Best of Industry WebAwards. Berkshire Bank received Best Bank Website, and University Credit Union received Best Credit Union Website.

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Kentico Site of the Month: August 2019

The MECU website has been recognized as a Kentico Site of the Month for August 2019.

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Kentico Site of the Month: May 2019

The Berkshire Bank website has been recognized as a Kentico Site of the Month for May 2019.

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How Financial Marketers Can Rebrand Through Web Redesign

Combining a rebrand with a website redesign can produce much greater impact when modernizing a bank or credit union's brand. As the "always-on" face of the institution, the website provides the quickest and widest-reaching impact for the launch. It also permits an iterative, pre-launch creative process.

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Jump-Start Your Financial Institution’s Digital Strategy

Everyone agrees, a digital strategy is essential for any bank or credit union in the current competitive mix. But it's a big leap from knowing that and having such a strategy. Read this ZAG Interactive article written for the Financial Brand to explore eight steps will help accelerate your institution's digital transformation.

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Turn Financial Literacy Content Into Potent Marketing Tool

Most banks and credit unions unfortunately view financial literacy content as a "nice-to-have" but unessential component to their marketing strategy. Read this ZAG Interactive article written for the Financial Brand to understand why you can earn the right to sell your products by offering visitors something of value first - ongoing financial education.

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Kentico Site of the Month: March 2019

The Whitefish Credit Union website has been recognized as a Kentico Site of the Month for March 2019.

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Kentico Site of the Month: January 2019

The Frontwave Credit Union website has been recognized as a Kentico Site of the Month for January 2019.

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8 Ways Banking Providers Can Max Facebook’s Marketing Potential

Banking providers should be leveraging Facebook more strategically to build their brand, improve communication, and generate more leads. The good news? A huge staff and big budget aren't required. You can reap the benefits without straining resources. Here's how.

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Digital-First Banking Strategies Will Fail If You Don’t Prioritize UX

With new technologies, you can minimize consumer confusion by designing systems around those who are the least tech-savvy. Then, instead of technology being intimidating or irritating, you'll have world-class solutions that please everyone — from Millennials to Boomers.

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Kentico Site of the Month: December 2018

The University Credit Union website has been recognized as a Kentico Site of the Month for December 2018.

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4 Ways to Avoid the Rate Trap When Marketing Banking Products

Financial marketers fixate on rates in their product promotions. Too much focus on rate, or any one factor, can stifle a campaign's results. An integrated strategy can create awareness, understanding, and, ultimately, more conversions.

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Design Ideas Banking Execs Can Use to Amp Up Their Websites Now
Most websites in retail banking are lagging behind other industries by at least five years. The experience is often clunky, and the design is typically dated. The Financial Brand talked to experts from five web design firms in the banking industry, including ZAG Interactive, who offered their advice to banks and credit unions looking to close the gap and take their online experience to the next level. Read full story
Best Credit Union Website Winner

The Coastal Credit Union website was recognized as the Best Credit Union website - the top honor in its category - in the 2018 WebAwards.

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14 Ways to Enhance Financial Websites So They Stand Out

Many financial institutions look and sound alike. This presents unique challenges to financial marketers looking to differentiate their brand from others. Fortunately, there are ways that banks and credit unions can enhance their overall website to deliver a more valuable experience, highlight product benefits, communicate competitive differences, and support business goals.

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Bringing Simplicity to Banking

Life often feels like it's moving at warp speed, and the world is getting more and more complicated. That's why people constantly seek greater simplicity in every aspect of their lives, including banking. Read this Financial Brand article, written by Michelle Brown, to learn how to bring simplicity bank to financial services marketing.

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5 Ways Community Banks & Credit Unions Can Crush Competitors Online

To beat megabanks, smaller institutions must craft a compelling story about their competitive advantages in digital channels.

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ZAG Speaking at CUNA Conference

Michelle Brown and Dawn Melesko will be speaking at the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Certification school preconference session in Las Vegas on October 15 about "Best Practices for Making Your Website a Digital Branch."

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3 WebAwards for ZAG Interactive

ZAG Interactive has won 3 WebAwards in the Financial Services categories: Best Credit Union Website (Black Hills FCU), Credit Union Standard of Excellence (Ardent Credit Union) and Bank Standard of Excellence (Investors Bank).

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Turning Your Banking Website Into A Sales And Marketing Workhorse

Promotional campaigns are a key component of a financial institution's website strategy. But it's not enough to simply push checking accounts and home loans on a home page banner and expect results.

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Kentico Site of the Month: May 2017

The Investors Bank website has been recognized as a Kentico Site of the Month for May 2017.

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7 Ways to Align Your Financial Institution’s Website and Marketing Strategy

The website for any banking provider is critical – from how it’s designed to the way it’s developed. It represents your brand, defines UX expectations, generates traffic, drives conversions, and yields invaluable marketing data. But your entire sales funnel can fall apart if your site isn’t up to par.

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How (And Why) To Launch Your Financial Institution’s New Blog

Many banks’ and credit unions’ approach to blogging aims to keep readers generally informed about what’s happening at their institution — contests, product promotions, shred day events, shareholder meetings, new branch openings, etc. However, the most engaging blogs deliver more value through insightful content that helps consumers solve their financial problems.

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ZAG Interactive to Present at #BankSocial Media Conference

ZAG Interactive will be presenting at the #BankSocial Media Conference in Miami on April 5, leading a session called "Components of a Successful Financial Institution Website".

17 Digital Marketing Tips for Banks and Credit Unions

This ZAG Interactive article on The Financial Brand offers 17 ideas, tips, tricks and techniques that banks and credit unions can use to improve their digital presence.

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Sitefinity Site of the Quarter: Q3 2016

The Adventure Credit Union website has been recognized as a Sitefinity Site of the Quarter for Q3 2016.

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Say What?!? You Better Listen to Social Media Buzz About Your Brand

Do you know what people are saying about your institution’s brand on social networks? Here's why you must establish a social media listening post inside your organization.

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9 Ways Financial Institutions Can Leverage Social Media to Achieve Business Goals

From building brand awareness to targeting specific consumer segments with product promotions, social media can help financial institutions achieve a wide range of business goals.

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Digital Agency ZAG Interactive Thrives with Rackspace Support

ZAG’s clients include financial institutions with billions of dollars in assets and strict hosting and support requirements, which Rackspace is uniquely positioned to fulfill. And the peace of mind that comes from Rackspace’s 24/7/365 support is invaluable when ZAG discusses hosting options with clients. In some cases, ZAG attracts clients interested solely in the hosting capabilities offered through its connection with Rackspace.

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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Financial Institutions on a Shoestring Budget
Many financial marketers wistfully admire how megabanks and big credit unions manage their digital channels — from their corporate website and social media to email and online advertising. These large institutions have the luxury of gigantic budgets, ample staff and numerous supporting agencies, all helping them become the digital “belles of the ball.”Meanwhile, thousands of other financial institutions struggle. How can they compete without the same deep pockets and resources? If your institution has champagne marketing dreams but is faced with the reality of a domestic beer budget, don’t get discouraged about all the things you can’t do. Instead plan for what you can do that may be just as awesome. Here are some ideas.
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5 Ways to Integrate Life Stage Solutions Into Your Marketing Strategy

Retail financial institutions don’t just offer checking accounts and mortgage loans, they provide consumers with solutions that support their goals and lifestyles through every stage of life — from opening their first account to getting ready for retirement. But rather than focusing solely on the traditional “product push,” financial institutions should think about marketing in terms of life stages and solutions.

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Searching for More Traffic to your Financial Institution’s Site

What good is a user-friendly, intuitive, informative, banking website if people can’t easily find it? As the virtual yellow pages of the internet, a good chunk of financial consumers will be looking for a new bank or credit union using a search engine. Even when your domain name is easily remembered, many people will still use a search engine to find a financial institution’s site.

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20 Google AdWords Optimizations for Financial Marketers

The right Google AdWords strategy can have a huge impact on your marketing ROI. But managed poorly, it can quickly turn into a gigantic sinkhole that drains your budget dry. Here's how to get the most from your SEM campaigns.

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ADA compliance extending into firms' internet offerings

ZAG's expertise in website ADA compliance is highlighted in this Hartford Business Journal article.

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25 Ways to Create Brand Differentiation With Your Website

Every pixel on your website is either helping you build your brand or it isn't. Here's how can your site can be used to support your brand's promise.

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How to Mobile Optimize Your Institution’s Social Media Marketing

Mobile is the predominant channel for social media. However, most social media marketing strategies are designed with a mobile-last mindset. This creates a poor customer experience and diminishes results. To lift your institution’s social media results, you need to think mobile-first, and optimize your marketing strategies for mobile while gathering results that demonstrate ROI.

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40 Essential Features Your Financial Institution’s Website Must Have

Your website is the single most important channel — for acquisition, sales, branding, communications, customer service, education and more. Unlike other channels, it must work 24/7 supporting a number of different goals and for a variety of different audiences, yet it must also be flexible enough to continually adapt to changes in your strategy, technology, and user needs/expectations.

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ZAG Sponsoring Financial Brand Forum Website Makeover

ZAG Interactive will be doing a "live on stage" makeover of the the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) website at the 2016 Financial Brand Forum. This popular conference geared towards bank and credit union marketing, advertising, branding and retail executives will have over 1,000 attendees from May 16-18 in Las Vegas. ZAG has been hard at work for the last months preparing for the website makeover, and is excited to discuss the project challenges, explain the behind-the-scenes process, and share designs with MSUFCU marketing personnel and the audience. Planning on attending the Financial Brand 2016 conference? Let's plan to meet up at our booth (#211) or schedule a meeting ahead of time.

Sitefinity Site of the Year Finalist

The Savings Institute Bank and Trust website, redesigned by ZAG in 2015, is one of three finalists in the Ban king category. The site’s modern design, robust functionality and seamless third-party integrations make it a winner in our client’s eye. Please vote for this site before March 9.

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Is Your Website Built for the Blind? If Not, You Could Lose an Ugly Lawsuit

What you don't know about new ADA regulations governing website accessibility for people with visual disabilities could embroil your financial institution in a costly lawsuit. Here's what financial marketers need to do now — before the April 2016 deadline.

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Website Compliance, With Some Pitching And Sliding

ZAG Interactive was recently featured in the Hartford Courant. Read this article about ZAG's ADA compliance services and our overall culture.

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