Passport to Diversity Badges

Interested in learning about diversity and inclusion? Check out the following resources curated by ZAG's Diversity and Inclusion Committee as part of our 2021 Passport to Diversity Challenge.

November 2021 - National Native American Heritage Month & Transgender Awareness Week//Transgender Day of Remembrance


September 2021 - National Hispanic Heritage Month & World Peace Day


August 2021 - Black Women’s Equal Pay Day & Women’s Equality Day


July 2021 - International Non-Binary People’s Day & Disability Independence Day

April 2021 - Month of Acceptance

  • Get Culinary Curious Try cuisine from another culture that you have never had before. Indian, Ethiopian, Portuguese, Peruvian, Mediterranean… your choice! Take a pic of your meal and share your thoughts on any of the following: the atmosphere of the restaurant (the colors/d├ęcor), the sounds (ie. any ethnic music playing or employees speaking their native language), the smells in the air, the visual presentation of the cuisine, your thoughts on the flavor of the food, What did you have and would you eat it again?
  • Many beliefs but ONE human race! Attend an event or a service in-person or virtually with a community whose beliefs differ from your own. Share your experience with us! Did you find that they have any similarities to your own beliefs? What was the biggest difference? What surprised you the most? Alternatively, pick from the list of non-profits' websites and discover something about the organization. Share your initial impression and something significant you learned.
  • “See” your life differently…Try one of these blindfolded -- folding and putting away laundry, make your way to the kitchen to prepare something that does not require any cutting or use of appliances. Enjoy your meal blindfolded as well. Starting from the front door, put on your blindfold and navigate through your home to retrieve the following items: a band-aid, the tv remote, a spatula, and your favorite sweatshirt. Share what it was like for you and any realizations about the challenges the visually impaired face in their daily lives. If you wish, you can submit pics of your laundry piles, your meal, or the items you retrieved.

February 2021 - Black History Month

  • 28 Days of Black History
    A virtual exhibit highlighting works (art, books, plays, songs, etc) that honor the Black experience. View their archive.
  • #DoTheWork
    An independent course that prompts discoversity of the systematic oppression of the Black community. Activist Rachel Cargle’s intention with this series is as follows: “The hope is to unlearn, expand, grapple, dissect, engage, and build a critical awareness”
  • Discover Our Glory
    A separate opportunity from activist Rachel Cargle to expand your knowledge on American Black History