Mobile Sites

Are you reading these words on a mobile device? If so, you don’t need us to tell you about the importance of catering to the rapidly growing mobile audience. If you’re not, allow us to tell you that it’s important to cater to the rapidly growing mobile audience. 

Mobile Website Design and Development

ZAG’s designers create mobile sites that complement a main website and provide immediate access to its most important elements.

  • Mobile site designs provide a simplified user experience and unique design strategies to cater to mobile-device users.
  • ZAG designs mobile sites that share content from your main website’s content management system to keep your messages consistent across various platforms.
  • Even with the growing importance of responsive design, mobile sites serve an important role for companies that want to deliver information quickly to an audience on the move. For instance, maybe you want to emphasize just a few pages from your main site. This is where a mobile site carries the day.

By the way, within the minute you spent reading this, 43 Americans have started using a smartphone.