What is your brand’s personality? Is it the unassuming wallflower struggling to be noticed? Or is it the attractive, approachable raconteur who everyone wants to get to know better? As the core of your company’s marketing initiatives, your brand must appeal to people.

We excel at giving existing brands a refreshed, confident appearance, or shaping a new brand with a striking presence out of the coarse material of raw ideas. Your brand becomes trustworthy and irresistible. Startups and established companies alike have benefitted from our branding expertise in differentiating their names, iconography and positioning from competitors.

ZAG's Branding Services:

  • Market Research: Discovery sessions, competitive review, stakeholder presentations, focus groups and customer surveys provide the market research to distinctively establish your new brand.
  • Brand Naming: We meet with your team to understand your company’s essence and then brainstorm ideas, copywriting options, vet candidates, and research trademarks to create a brand name you can own.
  • Logo Design: As an iterative process founded on best practices , logo design involves industry research, illustrated sketches, graphic design, concept variations, and color choices to create a distinct mark with practical applications.
  • Tagline Development: Using creative words to further differentiate your offering and complement your logo, tagline development services extend beyond slogan writing to include mission, value and positioning statements that clarify your brand in the marketplace.
  • Style Guide: The style guide describes and defines your new brand guidelines and provides examples of proper, consistent usage of your logo and copy in print and online. This bible of branding includes rules for fonts, colors, placement, photography, messaging, tone and voice.
  • Corporate Identification: Manifesting your logo, tagline and style guide, corporate identification includes all final art files, as well as letterhead and envelope design, so you can communicate your brand in a tangible way.

Our cohesive team of strategists, designers, writers and marketers can hone your brand strategy and activate your brand across all marketing channels from print to online.