Quality Assurance

So, what is "QA" anyway? Let's start with what it is not. It's not "question and answer" -- that's "Q&A." QA is not limited to testing; it encompasses much more than that. And QA is not a verb, as in "Did you QA that?" It's a thing.

Quality Assurance

At ZAG Interactive, quality assurance (QA) is our system for ensuring the highest level of quality in the development, production and delivery of marketing tactics, especially website projects. Examining both browser and device support, we check site responsiveness, compliance, speed, and more. Benefits of QA include targeting chokepoints in the process lifecycle, helping to streamline site development and ongoing maintenance. Collaborating with internal teams and client-side reviewers, our QA specialists recreate and troubleshoot to solve reported issues.

Our QA methodology includes a thorough review and quality control of your website, including, but not limited to:

  • Automated Testing: For efficiency, accuracy and expediency, we utilize the latest verification tools, including Charles, Firebug, SortSite, W3C and Selenium. Our test suites encompass exploratory, browser compatibility and as content management system (CMS) testing. 
  • Regression Testing: Our quality assurance testers uncover new bugs in sites after changes such as enhancements and integrations by fully regressing the site for functionality, content and layout.
  • ADA Compliance Testing: In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design, our testing team can assure that your site conforms to WCAG Level A or AA guidelines if you need to be compliant.
  • Launch Support: Before and after your site goes live, we test to assure that it is working properly. Our QA team checks that all files have been migrated, the 404 and 500 error pages are set up, tracking is functional and that there are no missing DLLs.

While the lion share of our QA is devoted to site design and redesign, our quality assurance extends to traditional marketing, content marketing, email marketing and more.  These quality control services also include proofreading, review of design and copywriting review, as well as usability testing and analysis. QA is a thing, alright, and it is how we increase the quality of your tactics, while decreasing the quantity of issues.