Website Personalization

Consider the times when you, as a consumer, felt truly connected to a company or brand. You likely experienced this when you believed the company was speaking directly to you and identifying with your life on a personal level.

Achieving this level of connection requires significant research and effort to personalize a marketing message. Members of your target audience must be surveyed and interviewed to determine your ideal patron, what they value most, their goals, what challenges they face and how you can assist them every day. ZAG can help develop and execute a strategic personalization strategy for your website and beyond that enlivens your marketing messages so they speak to your target audience’s goals, concerns and beliefs.

ZAG Personalization Approach

  • ZAG analyzes your synthesized data to recommend personalized content based on your unique needs
  • We collaborate with you to create persona-based content derived from your audience’s online behaviors and attributes
  • This content can appear throughout your marketing channels, including website, social media, email and everywhere else in conjunction with a retargeting and marketing automation strategy
  • Sophisticated personalization efforts will direct different, unique messages to potential, existing and former members of your target audience