Website Audit

Have you ever cleaned out your garage or attic and wondered, “How did all this stuff get here?” That’s the feeling clients often have after we perform a thorough audit of their current website.

We dig into all the corners of your site to identify URLs and redirects, functional items such as forms and custom search, third-party integrations, content types, inbound marketing tactics, social media strategy and more. Usually, there’s a lot more stuff in there than you realize.

Our goal is to identify all elements of your current site so we can determine how to best utilize them on your redesigned site, and inform strategies for SEO, site architecture and more. So what do we do?

Analytics Review

We analyze your marketing metrics, including your site analytics and social media reports, to determine how your audience uses your website. With that information, we provide additional strategic recommendations to ensure you are catering to your audience’s needs.

Opportunity Analysis

In this phase, we identify any gaps in your current strategy and then recommend new tools and techniques you can use to create your ideal user experience. We work with you to figure out specifically how our services can augment your internal team’s process.

At every step, we consult with you to ensure the digital strategy we are creating aligns with your marketing and business goals for your digital presence.