Discovery Sessions

Your brand deserves more than a formulaic, recycled digital strategy. ZAG invests time in understanding your company and its leaders to create a plan that we both agree will achieve your marketing and business goals.

Our discovery sessions involve open discussions with your key stakeholders to connect with you on a personal level and ensure that we create a strategy that fits your unique brand. We will determine what’s working and what’s not with your current digital strategy and collaborate with you to deliver the experience your audience wants.

Discovery Sessions Benefit Both of Us

  • We find ways to ease the burden for your internal team
  • We create a preliminary wish list of marketing tools and promotions to consider during our planning process
  • We obtain your existing plans, policies, procedures and rules for thorough review
  • We formulate a recommended menu of services and features for your initiatives

At the end of our discovery sessions, we will create a refined digital marketing plan for you that includes web strategy, campaign integration, design and inbound marketing for ultimate ROI, and a final cost summary.