Competitive Review

How does ZAG Interactive create your ideal playbook for successful marketing? We work closely with your team to examine all your digital offerings, analyze your business needs and determine what your competitors are doing. Then we compare your traditional and digital marketing against specific competitors to see how you stand out and what we can help you improve.

The strategy we create for you will be monitored, measured and adjusted along the way for optimum performance. And it all begins with a thorough analysis of your current plan.

Strategic and Statistics Analysis

  • Our discovery session reveals all the information about your marketing initiatives and then we analyze and scrutinize
  • We study your site analytics to understand trends and opportunities for improvement, and we recommend custom reporting and tracking, as necessary

Material & Digital Review

  • We refine the list of your current needs by poring through your existing marketing materials to determine what needs to be enhanced
  • We also seek improvements by analyzing your current content management systems, third-party functional items, mobile solutions, social platforms, customer relationship management process and all other communication channels

Competitor Benchmarking

  • We grade and compare your website against five of your closest competitors
  • We show you specific aspects of design, content and/or functionality that give your competitors the edge, and how you can use those to your advantage
  • We show you ways to differentiate your company by reinforcing your brand and positioning across your marketing channels

 ZAG strategists dig into your current marketing plans and show you how to create a strategy that differentiates your brand and serves your business needs through all channels.