analysisDriving a car with your eyes closed isn't recommended. Nor is a website without a robust web analytics strategy.

At ZAG, we take our numbers crunching very seriously. In fact, your website's success can be measured in terms of ROI, but only if you are tracking the right things.

Google Analytics Strategy

  • The Basics: Integrate standard Google Analytics tracking code, and recommend some tweaks to your account to track things beyond what comes "out of the box".
  • Custom Strategy: Recommendation of a web analytics plan based on your business or marketing plan.
  • Goal & Event Tracking: Setup custom goals and events, integrate into your site and come up with an organized tracking method.
  • Custom Dashboards: Development of custom Google Analytics dashboards to give you everything you need in a consolidated format.
  • Monthly Reporting: Delivery of monthly Google Analytics report by email in a digestible form so you can keep a pulse on what's trending.
  • Google Tag Manager: With Google Tag Manager certified personnel on staff, we can help you determine is Google Tag Manager is going to be the right product for you, and we can help you implement it.