Email Marketing

Email marketing is a valuable component of your marketing plan because it provides a channel to communicate information about products, services and events in a highly measurable manner.

Email Marketing Campaign

Several of the newer CMS platforms offer built-in email designers which allows emails to share the same styling as your website, and enables you to individualize/personalize email content and run sample tests to determine which version of an email is more effective with your audience. ZAG also can assist with email programs on email platforms such as Constant Contact, iContact and MailChimp. There are many ways we can assist your email marketing efforts for improved ROI.

ZAG’s Email Marketing Services

  • Our strategic consulting supports best practices, ensures integration with broader campaigns, assesses campaign analytics and recommends improvements for future campaigns
  • We design email templates according to best practices and target audiences to achieve your campaign’s goals
  • We provide email copywriting services to ensure your message is conveyed succinctly and your calls-to-action are engaging
  • We integrate campaigns to ensure all touch points are addressed beyond the email for a cohesive digital experience