10 Things to Know About ZAG Interactive

  1. 01A candy bar inspired our company name.
  2. 02We've been in business for more than 14 years.
  3. 03We value chocolate and coffee.
  4. 04We're a company of nearly 50 employees and at least 63 pets.
  5. 05Our clientele includes more than 300 businesses nationwide.
  6. 06We could form a large band of guitar, drum and piano players. And one guy is pretty good on the kazoo.
  7. 07We're widely known for our diverse on-hold music selection, from gangsta rap to jazz to '80s hair bands.
  8. 08Our developers are so multilingual their department is like the United Nations of programming languages.
  9. 09Our collective trophy case includes 11 WebAwards, 3 Tough Mudder headbands, an Emmy. ZAG People's Choice and a bunch of other trinkets.
  10. 10This Glastonbury, CT, location allows us to reach 7 different coffeehouses within 10 minutes.

There's so much interesting culture to discover here that we have a team of full-time anthropologists digging for clues about the essence of ZAG. So far, they've found only stale chips and spare change in the couches.

It would be fascinating to say we are conducting a sociology experiment based on personality cohesion, but it would be untrue. We're an interactive agency whose culture has been formed by hiring talented, self-confident professionals who are down-to-earth, good people with a lot of positive energy. The cohesion is remarkable, especially because we come from various backgrounds but feel at home with each other.

We laugh, we cry, we lean on each other for support. And that's just during our morning check-in meeting. Check out what the rest of our workday offers. If you're interested in joining our merry band of misfits, see if your skills match our current needs.

A look inside ZAG

ZAG Interactive culture
From charity events to bowling, we know how to live it up.
Summertime brings the Zarnival, a wild celebration involving water slides and some friendly competition.
The holiday season is full of wonder, excitement, and our own brand of humor.
ZAG-O-Ween is a very special day. We trick, we treat and work in costume all day.
Foosball and cornhole are some of our favorite pastimes … and we get to play them while at work.

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Created May 2014 by ZAG Interactive